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Everyone has a reason to want to live a healthier and longer life. How to lead a healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times, especially in motherhood. As a mother of three, I can relate to the struggle of juggling caring for my family and life’s long list of “to-do’s!” As a Registered Dietitian, I am here to tell you that to lead a healthy lifestyle is less about rigidity in diet and unrealistic goal setting and more about YOUR “why.” What is YOUR “why” for choosing health? Life Is WhyPinterest

Love is my why to choose health with the american heart association.

Your “why” is the foundation of what drives your choices, dreams and actions! When your “why” comes from a deep genuine place your actions will simply fall into place.This is because YOU VALUE health from something you are INTERNALLY passionate about. This friends is the key to SUCCESS!

My “why” for leading a healthy lifestyle as a means to live a longer life is LOVE. Allow me to explain deeper. What drives me to honor my heart and mind with healthy choices is my yearning to leave as many imprints of love as I can in this life! My prayer most every night is to be able to live a long healthy life so I can love my family and children as long as I possibly can. It brings me nearly to tears writing this and reflecting on how important it is to me to leave “love imprints” on the hearts of my children. I want to savor every moment and be PRESENT as long as possible! This, LOVE, friends is my hearts cry, passion and “why!”

AHA national heart health month.

Making healthy choices is our most powerful tool for living a healthier and longer life.

How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Find YOUR “why.” Identify what motivates and drives your life toward self-care. Is it a loved one, memories you would like to make or dreams you would like to achieve?
  • Unite. Join with other mothers as a means to encourage, support and empower healthy changes. This could be a Facebook group where you share goals, inspirational quotes and healthy recipes or a monthly hiking club that encourages your exercise to be fun! The options are endless of how we as woman can unite. Our healthy lifestyle creates the way for a future of healthy change in our loved ones and children. Learn more about joining the American Heart Association’s HEALTHY MOTIVATION group of real moms, here at Life Is Why.
  • Simplify Nutrition. Getting back to the basics of whole food eating is one of the easiest ways to have a healthy diet. What is whole food eating? It is focusing on eating unprocessed REAL foods, increasing our produce intake to 5-10 servings per day, using fresh herbs to season our food instead of added salt, decreasing concentrated sweets, especially in beverages, and choosing whole grains and lean proteins. I often tell my clients, eat like your great grandmother ate! Plant a garden if you can and experience the reward of the physical labor delicious produce calls for all the while living more active. Simple nutrition protects the heart and mind, decreases blood pressure naturally and prevents disease.
  • Get moving. Physical activity benefits the heart by decreasing total cholesterol and keeping your HDL and LDL in healthy ratios. It also promotes a healthy weight that reduces the risk of developing disease. Lastly, activity has been shown to increase the release of hormones that encourage an uplifted mood and sense of well-being while reducing brain function decline.

My why for health is love for my family!

It is so important to cherish LIFE and honor our bodies with a healthy lifestyle! For it is the heart that savors and feels the moments of our life and it is our mind that allows us to relive our beautiful memories. Friends, here at Simple Acres my encouraging voice to you is to SAVOR life, be PRESENT and LOVE with all you have because it’s truly the simple moments and ones we love that matter most. Choose health. What is YOUR “why?” Life Is Why

Celebrate your health this month as February is American Heart month.

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