Personal growth can be so painstaking at times. As gifted as each one of us can be, often we lack the tools to grow and be successful in the creative realm we so crave! I have THREE SECRETS to the creative process that will simplify your creative growth. Is your mouth salivating for success yet? I know you can taste it, so lets dig in to how to improve your creative process!

How to Improve Your Creative Process

There are many things to learn in every aspect of art and creativity. I will continue to share insights into those here at Simple Acres. Today I am excited to focus on what I believe to be some of the main most important components of your creative process! Your creative space, your ability to SEE what you create and LED LIGHTING make a world of difference in your ability to improve your creative process.

How to Improve Your Creative Process

  1. A creative space that inspires. I tend to find myself creating art all over my home and often whereever I go, but I have two main spaces in my home. (My poor husband has come to have patience with me in this although I am sure it boggles his mind. Ha!) My new more recent space is a vintage cart I found “junkin” which I converted into a creativity cart. I also found an awesome small vintage ladder I use as a seat. What inspires me in my space is surrounding myself with things I love such as my favorite colors, vintage finds and nature. Any indoor creative space of mine will always be facing a window, allowing me to day- dream as I view the outdoors.

creative art space and cart

2. Exceptional ability to SEE your creation. Whether I’m painting, wood-burning or creating jewelry the most important factor in that process is the ability to see the often minute details I am creating. This is where my SECRET comes in! OttLite lighting has blown me away! It not only has a sleek and appealing design it also offers several lighting options. The model I use is called the LED Cobra Desk Lamp with USB. It is turns on and adjusts with just a touch of your finger AND can charge your phone as you relax listening to music! OK….I will slow down my excitement and just share more!

Below is my before picture of my art without OttLite.

without Ottlite

Now look at the difference in my painting with OttLite on!

after OttLite

With OttLite my art is brighter and lit up to where I can see every detail I am working on! I can move the neck of the light to get the best lighting possible.

3. Lighting. I have spent years perfecting my craft. It is a work in progress until the end. One message I feel confident sharing is that if you plan to share your art by selling it online your lighting is the deal breaker between being successful or not. Lighter, brighter and clearer pictures of what you create appeases the visual being we are as humans and potential buyers and fans.

Here is an example of how OttLite can improve the process of picturing your creations for entrepreneurial success. Below is a picture without OttLite. When picturing your art to promote online the darker light and shadows do not present your work well.

elk watercolor before OttLite

Now see how with OttLite you see the shadow of the rock disappear thanks to the adjustable positioning of the bulb and the natural light setting that is available to use.

elk watercolor with OttLite on

I hope these pictures have demonstrated the three main areas I feel are game breakers in the world of CREATING! Your creative space, your ability to SEE what you create and LIGHTING make a world of difference in your ability to improve your creative process. I encourage you to continue or start expressing yourself with art! It is amazing how as we live out our own passions we can inspire our children as well.

sleek design of OttLites

I am so head over heels in love and excited over this lamp that I am sharing a 30% discount (30% off any purchase on OttL using coupon code OttliteLED30 through May 31, 2016 *note: Only USA customers can purchase through OttL If asked, storytellers can let Canadian customers know that they can call 1-800-842-8848 to speak to our Customer Service team to place an order).

I  am also GIVING ONE AWAY FREE to one lucky reader of Simple Acres! Comment below this article as to what you would have under YOUR OttLite for an entry and chance to win this same lamp for yourself! The winner will be picked at random and I will contact you soon! Go to my fan page on Facebook and follow to catch the fun as I share more of what Simple Acres is about! Learn more about the OttLite founders to get to know the company as a whole. Get inspired! See what is under other people’s OttLite lamps!   I encourage you to create, inspire and savor life! Dovidenia. XO

the OttLite difference


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