Yep. It’s been “A DAY” to say the least. I started this glorious morning with the hopes of a hallmark day for this mommy. You know the one… it starts with snuggling on the couch, a relaxing stroll in nature as the blue birds sing, perfectly balanced meals & snacks in the shape of forest animals for the kids, a little art time (pintrest approved), a perfectly synchronized nap between 3 children that enables mommy to relax thus encouraging a perfectly patient demeanor,  finally a  “Honey, I’m home moment” (smooch) as the smell of a mouth watering meal is cooking. 

 POOF! Wait for it…..wait for it…..REALITY! (Sigh)

I wake up to a couch snuggle attempt that ends in a toddler tantrum. I apparently am not sitting close enough to the little person. (Note to self: grow a bigger lap for three kids…eat more butter…I love butter…check.) Time out served for tantrum. Children take instructions literally, I have learned. My feet are wet!? Pee soaked socks. Next time I will give at least two excuses for temporary reprieve from time out: poop & pee. My little person chose to honor his momma by staying in time out and peeing all over the floor all the while baby is writing her name in it. ( Pintrest art project on a budget completed…check) Outdoor time was next. Pushing 100 pounds of sweet precious stroller cargo,that I love and adore, as they bicker and whine was oh so calming…but heck…no pain no gain right?! After the refreshing activity we came back to a balanced meal in which only starches by the “littles” were consumed while mommy’s bartering & pleading bought a bite or two of produce. There is a silly dance I perform as a form of a bribe. You know, the self humiliating entertainment  only for the watching pleasure of giggling toddlers and baby. Public performance of my “veggie dance” not available at this time. (Don’t judge.) Lunch for mommy… nibbles of the uneaten veggies…. and… dark chocolate (antioxidant rich…just trying to stay healthy…wink). Nap time synchronization FAIL. One down, two up….thank you Lord for TECHNOLOGY!  TV and computers are good, good things…sometimes. Some relaxation time for mommy… in between a request for milk or a snack every 5 minutes. Finally, “Honey, I’m home moment” (smooch) time and dinner is in the oven! To finish off the day I threw in a quick jont to the park with the kids (because I am an over achiever like that.) Our soon to be delicious prime rib was baking in the oven, just awaiting our timely return. Returning to put a nice finale to my glorious day I open the door to….. SMOKE!

“Honey, I did it….again!”

Apparently a cookie sheet is not ideal for cooking meat on….a burnt mess to say the least. Burnt dinner….oh and I forgot to mention I washed my husband’s belt doing clothes too. Sooo….It was MY hallmark day after all… with a few MINOR glitches (laughing out loud)! The best part of it all was even after burning dinner yet again ( this is a well-known trademark of mine) those “littles” and my “hard workin’ man” ended my day with hugs, kisses and “I love you, you are the best”.

Perfection MUST be imperfection in my house!  Imperfection…. check.

“Honey, I did it…again!”

P.S. Simple Burn Proof Recipes to come!

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