PictureWe are starting the year investigating the 10 ways we can simplify our life. This month we are focusing on the little things….that I like to call….”My HAPPY”. While most are starting diets in January and avoiding the things that are oh so yummy, I thought the best way to start this Happy journey would be with YUMMY “NO-NO” food! As a Registered Dietitian, I am surprising you I am sure! (I am smiling.) Food is fuel no doubt and we definitely do not want to use food for emotional coping…BUT there is no reason to not admit and rejoice in the fact that food does bring enjoyment into our life! In moderation and utilizing our intuitive eating cues (I will talk and teach about this in the future) we can enjoy ANY yummy food and still maintain a healthy weight or achieve our goals toward improved health! Making peace with food is  one of My HAPPY’s! (I’m now making up words…that makes me happy….Ha, ha!) Making peace with food means no foods are “NO-NO” in my book! I use the 80/20 rule to help keep these foods in moderation. Eighty percent of what I eat is wholesome heart healthy foods and twenty percent is pure YUMMY! I challenge you to turn off the food police and allow room in a healthy diet for some YUMMY! What have you told yourself you can’t have? From that list, ask your self which of those foods you truly love. Now bring those back into your diet in a moderate way! You will find as you give yourself permission to define your own healthy diet with YUMMY foods you will not crave these foods as much and when you do want them you will enjoy them in true peace….Now that’s a HAPPY we can all add to our new year!

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