What is health to you…and do you want more of what “that” is? I want to help you answer this question! As a Registered Dietitian (in my day job…ha) I do just that. My heart is to bring people to a place of health that they have never been to before.  Objective tools of meal plans, food knowledge, fitness goals are the basic tools I provide “for my people” …but I want to offer you this and MORE!  I want to offer a way for you to find your healthiest self, FOR GOOD! Will you be a part of “my people”? In my heart you already are and I write, create and stay up late with ideas all in hopes of blessing and helping YOU! (smiling)

Whether your health need is an improved diet and fitness regimen, decreased stress, improved sleep or just all around better self-care in your life…I want to help equipped you towards success! In the next few months I will be offering this topic as a series that is going to guide you through a new way of THINKING towards your body and “health life” . We will learn together how our thought process is TRULY the key to our success, we will challenge old behaviors and judgments and we will grow into a insightful, empowered, knowledgeable person who will be KICKEN” ASS and taking names when it comes to achieving your goals. This is going to be a powerful journey I CAN NOT wait to walk with you! My hands are outstretched, who want’s to join?
P.S. Take a look into a wonderful tool I will be introducing soon here….and a beautiful Chef we will be getting to know and learn from very soon…got some surprises up my sleeve folks! (XO)Picture

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