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I am in pure bliss! I am running through fallen leaves, going to Fall festivals with my kids, eating caramel apples and baking something pumpkin inspired almost weekly! Fall is my heaven, my obsession and my favorite time of year. The crisp morning and evening air, the cozy cuisine and the layering of warm and comfortable fall clothes is some of what makes this season my favorite. Today I am excited to share some of my favorite fall hoodies, jackets and cardigans thanks to NYFifth Apparel .

I am not the ultimate “fashionista” but I do LOVE cute and comfortable clothes! I am a sweatshirt and jeans kinda girl with really comfy boots. I am pretty low maintenance, with simple taste although sometimes I like to wear something more unique and quirky!

I am impressed by NYFifth’s affordable prices and unique styles and designs PLUS you can do custom screen printing and embroidery on your purchases too! ( I will be remembering that for something I have coming your way in the future.)

Here are the favorites I found that quench my simplistic, country quirky, wife of a hunter, mom to 3 wild kids, blogger on a farm taste:

For jackets I found this longer jacket that makes me think of drinking steamy hot cocoa on a brisk day while I WATCH my man cut wood. Ha! I am looking stunning as ever of course.

Cozy cardigans is an item of clothing I love to wear. To me it is like wearing your coziest blanket as a top AND you get to look amazing in it! Again, comfort will win my heart every time. I am going to wear this one with a plaid collared shirt or a white cream shear and flowy top with cute cowgirl boots!

A few weeks out of the year I am a “hunters widow”. This hoodie is quirky, a conversation piece and I see no rule or age limit for wearing antlers! I love deer and elk ENOUGH SAID! While the hubby is away hunting the wife will play! Shhhh.

For a simple sweatshirt to wear that is comfy and affordable I found this one with a cute embroidered elk. I loved the details on the hood strings.

If you want to be the designer and add custom screen printing or embroidery they have simple plain varieties that are perfect for creating your own style.

Once I started shopping on NYFifth site I slightly became obsessed with many of their deer options so I had to include these sweaters just in case I had any other country lovers, deer hunters, deer hunter widows in the crowd! This deer sweatshirt is kind of retro in style which I dig.

Lastly, this deer sweater with it’s lower cut in the back is another item I HAVE NO CHOICE but to put in my cart. It’s a need folks (wink).

There you have it friends, a roundup of my favorite Fall hoodies, cardigans and jackets. May your cider be warm, your pumpkin spice EVERYTHING be fabulous and your cozy attire make you snug as a bug in Fall! Dovidenia. XO

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