We have embarked on our 1 year anniversary in our beautiful 1917 Craftsman Farmhouse set on 10 1/2 acres of dirt and tumbleweeds. This homestead has been a blessing from above with enough work and “fix-ups” to last a lifetime. God knew my sweet “hard workin’ man” and I would be the perfect “busy-bee” couple for all our Simple Acres home has to offer. It took a lot of work to get our home where it is now but there is MUCH more Farmhouse Renovation needed to continue building our dreams.


I have always loved the nostalgic feel of times past. I love sitting in my home and imagining all the amazing stories this old Farmhouse walls could tell. To believe this house has seen the changes in times and seasons, multiple wars and victories, the freedom of the oppressed and the growth of technology amazes me. I am excited about the memories we will create in this home and the ones we already have. I am blessed with such a beautiful, vintage and nostalgic pallet to express my creativity and interior décor and I look forward to sharing inspiration with you.


Anticipate some fun kitchen renovation in the weeks and months to come as we chat about simple ways to spruce up your house while you are in the middle of remodeling (like my “cute” open cupboards  I have had for a year due to procrastination…ha). We will also be placing backsplash tile, touch up on these cupboards even more and custom create art and décor to personalize our space.

My first place of focus is going to be in our main room. I am looking forward to making simple additions in décor and add some more color into the room. I will be sharing some gallery wall inspiration and improving the safety of this room as well. Having several “littles” running around definitely calls for safety improvements in this Farmhouse Renovation as well


Our current blinds are an eye sore and unsafe, to say the least! With jumbled up hanging cords and broken pieces and parts this is the first thing I am changing in this room! Window cords are known to be a strangulation hazard! I am so excited to be partnering up with a wonderful company that offers CORDLESS window coverings! Smith & Noble offers stylish and safe cordless window covering options that look great in your home and are also safe for the little ones. Please follow along as I share more on this Farmhouse Renovation when our new beautiful window coverings are installed! Soon to come!

Join in with the fun! You can enter for a chance to WIN $1,000 worth of Smith & Noble custom window treatments designed to be safe AND stylish just for your home! Their customer service knocked my socks off…truly! They are also having a special offer: replace unsafe treatments with new ones and save $50 PER TREATMENT!
Cheers to Farmhouse Renovation and fun! Dovidenia. XO


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