Life can be so busy we often can find ourselves numb to our inner self. To be able to Express Your Heart with Art is a gift in life I cherish.  Just as music evokes emotions and can help us to feel, connect or provide words for where we might be in the current moment, art can capture that inspiration as well. Art can be an expression of something more deep…the emotions, passions, vision and dreams you have stored deep within. Art slows down time for a moment and simplifies the messages we receive from the quiet voice within. Our intuitive voice that speaks to our soul is hushed often by the chaos of life. I encourage you to tune in and turn on your “right brain” and experience how healing and creative art is!


Watercolor art to express your heart and emotions.
How To Express Your Heart with Art
  • Let go. There are times art is planned and thought out. For the purpose of this topic I encourage you to do the opposite of that. Start with a blank piece of paper and grab the color that seems to express you in the moment and start creating. Don’t judge what you choose or produce but lean into your intuitive self and enjoy the process of relief and expression.
  • Journal. Take time to reflect and give words to your feelings and thoughts. This process can help you to be more in-tune to yourself. This deeper connection to self can be an inspiration to your art.
  • Meditate and pray. Often my art process is a special spiritual time to speak to God through my art, expressing my heart while soothing my often weary soul. Find media and topics of interest that not only connect you to your inner self but also God. Often when painting nature, scripture or Saints I have found some of my most reflective and healing moments.
  • Share. Give your art to others. Whether you deem yourself an artist or not giving the gift of creativity is one of the most genuine and simplest gifts one can give. Look at our children, often bringing their latest “creations” home from school. My children are always so proud and excited to give me their gifts of creativity! Art is a gift that can be given no matter the age, wealth or talent. Art is a fragment of the heart we all can choose to share!

watercolor art amazing grace

I encourage you to give  a gift of art to someone special soon. To share your hearts song with others is such a blessing! You don’t have to be an artist to do so…but if you need help you can always reach out to me here for custom requests that can help you give the gift of art.
Now, go out and express your heart with art and give a piece of love and kindness to the world! XO

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