Do you ever find yourself with a plethora of STUFF…and not sure what to do with it all? Today I want to share a simple and quick idea I think you will love! My Cork Board with Branch Art DIY is just an old cork board I up-cycled into a usable piece of unique ART!

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Materials needed:
cork board
painters tape
white spray paint
grocery paper bag
wood stain shade of choice

1. Start by cutting the bottom (square ) out of your grocery paper bag then up one seam to create a flat piece of paper
2. Draw a free hand branch outline on your grocery bag paper; one that roughly measures the length of the board; cut out outline with your scissors, you can also use a pattern (such as the one attached here through Amazon) if free hand drawing is not your thing (wink)


​3. Cut your branch shape out and tape the back side to the cork board making sure to secure the cutout down well as to not allow spray paint to go on the underneath surface
4.Place painters tape around trim


​5. Spray paint board with white paint. I did 2-3 coats.


​6. Once paint is dry peel off branch cutout and painters tape


7. Place painters tape on inside of trim on cork board then run your trim with stain of choice. Once stain is dry remove painters tape to present you finished piece of art.

I hope you all enjoy this simple yet fun DIY! XO



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