Your “baby” walks in the door with tears running down their face. Their heart has been hurt by words and actions of another. You turn on the news to only be suffocated with negativity. We can find ourselves overwhelmed as mothers, peace-keepers and protectors.  Comforting a Hurting Heart is often the answer when trying times come our way or knock on the door of every news channel we turn on. Let us learn comfort, hope and peace as we carry out the ever important role of raising the next generation.


Being real is my first answer to most things in life. What I mean by this is perfection is not possible and when we strive for our best instead of perfection we teach our children self acceptance with each new day. We CAN express sorrow, anger, frustration, fear along with many others and this makes us human. In my years as a health care provider I have seen the damage on children who lived in a “home of happy” all the time. So first I encourage you, if you or a loved one are overwhelmed, mad, stressed or afraid let those emotions be present without judgement. I have found as a mother of three, sometimes experiencing and relating to my children within the REAL feelings occurring that the healing begins.
Comforting a hurting heart for our children and loved ones
Comfort for a Hurting Heart. This is a  message of HOPE and LOVE.  I want to share that when hard things happen in life and we realize that VERY little is in our control at times…there is STILL very much we can do.
5 Ways to Comfort a Hurting Heart
1. LOVE. Love is the answer to hardship, hurt and times of loss. Hold your loved ones today and EVERY day from now on. Be an instrument of love to your kids. Our actions of love and forgiveness are a stronger testament that anything in life for them.
2. HELP. Look for ways to reach out and help your neighbors. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Helping can in turn and in time start to mend a hurting heart as it gives us positive purpose. This helps us, even in the disappointing moments in life, focus on the positive of life. This breeds RESILIENT humans.
3. HOPE. Trust in something greater, better and more powerful than anything this world can offer. You can sense this through the people around you that exhibit love and self sacrifice for the common good. For me, this is teaching my children who God is. I tell my kids often, people will always fail and cause disappointment at some point in life but God never fails us. This promise offers hope as I teach them more about who God is.
4. BE. Be present in the moment. The moment is all that is promised. Savor what you have and cherish it in every way you can. Being present with our children in their times of trial as one of the strongest ways to offer comfort.
5.LOOK. Look and focus on the good. BE the good this world is starving for. Teach your kids to be the good regardless of what others may do or say.
As Fred Rogers has stated, “When I was a boy & I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me; Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping.”
It can be easy to be drug down in life.
What I encourage you and what I speak to my loved ones is this; “Pick yourself up, dust yourself up and choose tenacity!” Being full of love and hope can be tough, but with God nothing is impossible!  Let’s hold our loved ones a little tighter and extend our hand to a stranger a little farther. Let’s be real and comfort with open arms and action. I believe there is a comfort greater than any tragedy this life can bring and one day every tear will be wiped from our eyes. Until then let us LOVE, HOPE and COMFORT.  

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