Fly away Mama!  After my last post, read here & others here, you would think I would be dreaming of having wings like this bird here….to fly away! I’m not going to lie…sometimes the craziness of life offers temptation (hehe) but the love for my “littles” and hubby keeps me close on the farm….BUT …Sometimes you just gotta be free! We have started a health series that has offered encouragement, tools for success, menu planning and now I’d like to remind you of one very neglected factor…ME TIME! I know, especially if you are a mama the thought of this, although enticing, can bring on guilt. It’s important to remember, no matter who you are, that ME TIME is essential for success in life! 
I chose to do just that with a weekend get away to my favorite place with my “besty”. The quiet ride, the uninterrupted conversation, the meal I was able to eat while sitting down (ha)….just what my body and spirit needed. I could hear myself think and REST! I want to encourage you to not only plan your nutrition, activity, life’s to-do’s ….but plan ME TIME. This time recharges your battery to be the best YOU for the people you love and the dreams and goals waiting to be achieved!


Ten Tips for Me Time
1. Reflect on the positive. An attitude of gratitude has been shown to increase a person’s happiness.
2. Spoil yourself with quiet time. Think, reflect, dream or just BE!
3. Get out of your usual environment. This can help promote the ability to relax and feel a sense of escape from the daily to-do’s.
4. Get back in touch with nature. Take in the simple things…the breeze on your skin, the smells in the air and the colors of the season. This encourages living IN THE MOMENT.
5. Be active with NO agenda but enjoyment.
6. Feed your spiritualty the way God speaks to you.
7. Read a book that excites your mind.
8. Explore creativity and express yourself!

Go on friends….plan a little self love this week…it will do your WHOLE PERSON some good! Might I add…you deserve it! XO

PS- For the “Me Time” journal sheet pictured above, click here for your freebie printable.
PSS- We have a personal Chef now at Simple Acres to make getting healthy easier SOON we will have our first contributor bringing something special your way….hint hint can you say RELAX AND REFLECT! Can’t wait to share more soon…

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