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Everyone has their vice in life. For some it’s hoarding holiday decorations for others it may be that odd yarn collection you have yet to use or possibly you just can’t stop your nightly addiction to ice cream. I am sure I have many but one I must come out with is…I AM A STACKER. There I said it. Junk, papers, magazines, kids homework all tend to find random homes in our house. You will find many paper mountains in my house and once the weekend comes it just MAY cover my table. Today I am sharing 5 Tips for Keeping a Tidy Home. You may be surprised what I have to tell you!


I can say my house tidiness varies depending on my work load and to-do’s but I try to keep my house fairly picked up. I can remember as young as 3rd grade thinking in class, “If only my room was clean I could focus!” This holds true to me still today. When my home is picked up I feel less stressed and able to focus on my daily tasks better. So you can imagine how a messy out of order house could make one feel!

How do you feel when your house looks as though a hurricane hit it? I feel like a hurricane myself…CRAZY…haha!

Here is a busy mom’s secrets to a tidy house EVEN in the chaos!

5 Tips for Keeping a Tidy House


1. Use creative storage to hide toys in main areas. I love having toys throughout the house to encourage creativity and play but if you have ever stepped on a bunch of toys you may secretly pray for your own peaceful death! These things can be foot torture.


As the picture shows in an area my boys always play I used an old vintage suitcase to hold their toys. I used a metal basket with brass handles to hold the “snack rugs” I keep in the living room for when we have snacks with a movie as a family.


2. Make your your stacking look pretty. Seriously, there is so much paperwork that comes home from school and work not having some stacks is likely impossible.


I found some cute vintage drawers that I have been using as storage in my home. I threw a jar in this one to hold pens and scissors and got a wire organizer for all the incoming school papers. The succulent just makes me happy.


3. Contain your shoes to designated areas of the house. With a family of 5 it is easy to have at least 10 pairs of shoes strung all over the house. With having a set place shoes go it helps my kids to put them away and be able to find them when needed.


As the picture shoes, I used a vintage wood box that added character as it serves as my entry way shoe holder.

4. Utilize your mini employees (I mean children). My kids still semi-like chores. Often I make a game out of cleaning or offer a small monetary reward they can save for something in the future. On the few days I clean a week I delegate a chore or two out to each child. This makes keeping a tidy home SO MUCH EASIER! I love my babies…enough to make them help. Ha!


5. Simplify basic cleaning tasks. I had been noticing my dust bunnies building up on my curtains up top for some time now. Often some creativity can be such a help in little chores. With a Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller, a broom and some tape I was able to create a tool in minutes that removed my dust bunnies without sucking my curtains off their hooks.


All you need to do is attach the Lint Rollers handle to the end of the broom handle with some tape and you have yourself a dust bunny removing machine even your kids can do with you!


You can find yourself some Scotch-Brite™ Lint Rollers at Walmart in the cleaning section. They have three varieties: Lint Roller (lint, hair and fuzz), 50% Stickier Lint Roller (great for large debris such as crumbs) and the Printed Lint Roller ( creative with designs on each sheet).


Go here to find more great ideas and inspiration in cleaning and keeping your life tidy. Scotch-Brite Lint Rollers tears cleanly guaranteed. These rollers will clean more than lint and dust bunnies but also crumbs, craft mishaps such as spilled glitter and so much more!


I hope my 5 Tips for Keeping a Tidy Home have helped give you ideas to simplify your life. I am going to go put my stacks of stuff in cute containers now! Ha. Dovidenia my friends. XO








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