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Mom life with now 4 kids, 3 cats, a dog, a dozen chickens, a couple sheep and a herd of cows can make keeping a clean house hard to achieve. I am excited to share 5 Easy Ways to Keep a House Clean with Pets that will leave you feeling better about your house while you enjoy life with all your furry loved ones!

1. Choose Easy to Use Products

I choose the Libman Freedom Spray Mop because of its’ versatility and ease of use. You can literally use this product on any surface: wood, laminate,tile,marble,linoleum and stone; plus it has a larger mop head to cover more ground. When it comes to choosing your cleaning products, aim for products that do double-duty, like this mop.

2. Keep Cleaning Products Handy

Nothing’s worse than having a pet accident or mess and not having any cleaning supplies handy to quickly clean it up. In my house we love having bins or containers that are designated for our pet care needs. A bin for pet toys in one room, another for cleaning supplies to quickly clean up messes. Cleaning supplies such as paper towels, carpet cleaner and scrub brushes come in handy when they are easy to find and can be used quickly to get rid of even the most stubborn stains.

3. Don’t let the Dirt In

This one is easier said than done, but as mom’s always say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Trying to eliminate excess dirt and grime entering the house will equal less cleaning up inside your home. Try leaving old towels near doorways and elicit the help of your family to wipe down your furry friends before they come in the house. This can be especially helpful on those rainy days when they can be extra muddy. Place the towel in a cute container or bin by the doorway, or roll up and place in a shoe cubby so that it’s a little more concealed.

4. Choose Easy to Clean Fabrics

Well, this makes sense doesn’t it. I’m not saying that we need to go out and change out all of our furniture to be more pet-friendly, but, prior to making any new purchases it may be handy to research if the furniture is one that is easy to clean. We’ve found for our house that dining room chairs covered in microfiber lead to more stains and messes than we care to try to clean, thus making a wooden chair a better choice in terms of ease of wiping off and cleaning. The most pet-friendly fabrics I’ve found tend to be one’s with a very tight weave, including canvas slipcovers, leather and even some outdoor fabrics used indoors.

5. Pet Beds

Having a cozy bed for your pet can mean less pet hair on your sofa or couch. Make the area extra special by randomly leaving treats for your pet by their bed, petting them while they are laying in their bed or just giving them extra attention while they are lying in their bed to encourage them to spend more time in their bed than on your furniture.


These tips are only a few of many possible ideas for keeping your pet-friendly home a little more tidy and clean. I’m sure there are method’s that you’ve been using that have been saving you time over the years. To save time AND money, The Libman Company is offering a $3-off coupon to those who sign up for The Libman Company newsletter.


I hope these have been helpful tips to keep your home clean and give you more time to enjoy all of your four legged friends. Dovidenia

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