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Family travel is always an experience we look forward to every year. Although travel is exciting the thought of getting prepared for the “big event” can be stressful. Today I’m going to share 5 best ways to prepare for a family trip that will decrease your stress and ensure more fun!
When I think of travel the first thing I think of the disaster of a car I have to clean and prepare for us to even be able to fit in comfortably. Can you relate?
Best Ways to Prepare for a Family Trip
  1. Clean: First and foremost I clean out all the mess, vacuum and wipe down the seats.

2. Refresh the car: while collaborating with Refresh Your Car we have gotten to sample and smell all the delicious scents they have to offer from vent sticks to mini diffusers. We found it fun to let the kids each choose their favorite scent. Because our trip is long and our vehicle is fairly spacious we let them choose a vent stick for the front of the car and a mini diffuser for the very back. My young kids found this so fun and the car now is clean and smells delicious!

3. Pack you favorites: I tell the kids to grab three things- something to read, something to draw with and journal or notebook (I’m an artist after all so I’m always encouraging creativity. ), and a game to play.

4. Snack time: It is always great to get yourself packed ahead of time with beverages and snacks. I give my kids each a little carrier they can fill with their goodies.

5. Get ahead on the packing: If you can pack a little each day for the week before your trip it will reduce your stress, the chance you will forget something and give you and your family the time to help out with this chore. I try to have this done the day before leaving so that the day prior to the trip we can try to relax and just pack the car.

It was a pleasure collaborating with Refresh Your Car for this article and we are excited to be doing an awesome giveaway on Instagram that will offer you the chance to win your own yummy smelling gift pack of a TON of delicious smelling products to make your travel time this year that much better! Just follow along on our Instagram here for more details.

That is it my friends, 5 Best Ways to Prepare for a Family Trip! Don’t forget to follow us here on Instagram and enter to win your very own prize pack of delicious scents to refresh your car! The details are in the Instagram post!
Dovidenia. XO

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