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Cleaning can be a nagging task on an already full plate of a busy mom but I have found a way to make that task more fun and efficient!  I am excited to share some helpful ways to to clean for busy moms that will get your tasks done faster so you can have more fun while you are at it! There is also a contest you can enter to gain a chance at winning a grand prize along with much more!

We as moms need a way to get our “to-do” list done in less time so we can enjoy and savor our families more. I’m excited to share a few thoughts that will help solve this problem!

Do you ever find yourself turning on some music and getting your groove on while busting out some cleaning tasks? We partnered with Pine-Sol® because we relate to that “go-getter” attitude when it comes to getting things done!

Cleaning is a task everyone has to do and with this current contest all you have to do is capture a picture of yourself dancing and having fun as you clean with your favorite Pine-Sol® product! Then you can enter by posting that picture on Instagram with Pine-Sol®, using the hashtag #MyCleanMoves and #Contest, tagging the @PineSol brand, and following @Pinesol. The #MyCleanMoves contest ends on July 13th so definitely go enter to get a chance at winning awesome prizes!

Have you ever found yourself so busy the thought of cleaning your house can be overwhelming? That has definitely been me at times! #ad #mycleanmoves . . . . If you have been following along you will notice I am all about minimizing, decluttering and cleaning lately. When our home environment is tidy it ups the happy factor and decreases our stress, enabling more time for fun and quality time! . . . . I am excited to be partnering up with Pine-Sol® for this post! The multi-purpose cleaner that get the job done! . . . . Right now you can be entered to win awesome prizes such as cash to even blue tooth speakers! All you have to do to be entered for a chance to win is post a photo to instagram showing off your cleaning dance moves and tag #MyCleanMoves and #Contest . . . . Be a doer, roll up those sleeves and use these tips to create a clean environment you deserve in your home!

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5 Best Ways to Cleaning with a busy life:

I love to give my house a daily pick-me-up. When I’m on my “A” game with cleaning I try to pick certain times every day I pick up the house in general. This helps reduce the overwhelm factor and then on Saturday mornings we clean as a family. Adding a daily time to spend 15-30 minutes picking up maintains a level state of tidyness and makes cleaning faster when we do it.

Doing a daily mini-clean always helps me feel on top of things better! If you can pick up for 15 min a day then give yourself 15 minutes a day to pick something small to clean. Here you can get a list of cleaning tasks you can accomplish in small fragments of time. 

Currently I am obsessed with minimalism and the power of minimize stuff! Do you ever feel like what free time you have is taken away by the task of picking up and piling up clutter? I have found the less I have the easier it is to keep a clean home. Join our Declutter and Cleaning Group for support from others just like you, tutorials and community. 

Using effective products is the key to success and getting your cleaning job done efficiently. When you use products that work you decrease your cleaning time. Pine-Sol® is a great multi-surface cleaner that gets the job done the first time around! It has 4 x the cleaning action for dirt, grime and grease and is safe on surfaces when used correctly.

The most important part of cleaning is having fun! Make cleaning fun again! Turn on music, get your family involved, make a game of it with your kids. I find I look forward to my cleaning day because of all these tips. Cleaning becomes simpler, fun and a time to spend quality time with my littles!

As busy moms we work hard and we need to find ways to do things in our homes that allows us to enjoy the precious moments of life more.

Be a doer, roll up those sleeves and use these tips to have the clean environment you deserve in your home!

That is all for now my friends, 5 Best Ways to Clean for Busy Moms! Don’t forget to follow us here on Instagram and enter the giveaway for the chance to win awesome prizes from cash to blue tooth speakers sponsored by Pine-Sol®. The details are in the Instagram post!

Dovidenia. XO

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