1. Start your day with reading the comics instead of the news. Life is too short to take so seriously.
2. Laugh daily…it is medicine for the soul!  Laugh at the humor you read and watch, yourself & others….just convince them you are laughing WITH them.
3.Eat good food without guilt weekly….the type where you catch yourself saying “mmmmmm” with each bite!
4. Be active 30 minutes most days. This offers health benefits, boosts your mood and improves sleep.
5.Count your blessings daily.
6. Surround yourself with genuine, loving,kind people! Love them for the joy they bring to your life!
7. Take time for yourself weekly.
8. Sacrifice your time for others weekly.
9. Choose confidence! Don’t worry what others think. Be you & love it!
10. Fuel your inner self regularly. Find what your soul food is that makes happiness not just temporal.
11. Find your purpose and live it daily.
12. Strive to be the best you daily. Reflect on your successes and use your failures as motivation for growth.
13. Walk in forgiveness as much as possible.
14. Live in the present.
15. Find a weekly hobby,
16. Do not compare yourself to others. Own your uniqueness.
17. Rest 1 day a week.
18. Watch old reruns of Funniest Home Videos with a child who has never seen them before….or any late ’80’s to 90’s comedy for that matter.
19. Be affectionate with someone you love daily if possible.
20. Listen to upbeat music and funny movies as much as possible.
21. Place a funny post on social media weekly. Making others laugh feels good.
22. Be your biggest cheerleader NOT critic. Watch your self talk daily! What you think, you will say and what you say you will ultimately believe!
23. Do a random act of kindness weekly.
24. Spend time in nature weekly if not daily.
25. Take a chill pill! Cope with stress by changing the way you think about it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Acceptance of the things you cant change….you know…all that stuff you have heard before plus adopt a few habits listed above.

(Smiling) Dovidenia. (Wink)


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