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The holiday season is here again and it is the time of year where togetherness is celebrated and cherished for all the joy it brings! How do you ensure you create those togetherness moments as a family despite the chaos of life? For our family at Simple Acres the solution to creating the moments of togetherness that last a life time comes down to special holiday traditions. These are 19 holiday traditions your family will love!

This post is sponsored by the RMHC. We love how this program touches so many lives and helps maintain the bond and closeness that all families need, especially during this season.

We encourage you as you are inspired by this list of traditions to really reflect with gratitude the importance of togetherness and consider donating to their amazing cause that keeps families with sick children together through the most trying times.

When the holiday season comes our way it brings reason for celebration, shared meals and memory making. It is easy to let life get in the way of creating the memories together.

Here is a list of simple ways to create the togetherness you yearn for this season:

  1. Make memories together as you decorate your home for the season. We love to spread out the action of decorating our home together throughout several nights. My kids love this and it gives us more time to spend with each other as we do it.

2. Create homemade ornaments and decorations together. We love to craft together and decorate ALL through the season together.

3. Bake together. Fresh cookies with milk is a favorite of ours. Pull out all your sprinkles and let  the kids have fun decorating.

4. Make candy houses with the kids. This is a lifelong tradition of our family. It’s a time to to laugh let loose, eat lots of candy and see who can make the most creative house (stuffed with as much hidden candy as possible.)

5. Take walks together and take in the season and changing weather.

6. Have a family snow fight. When the snow falls we are rotating time outside building snowmen, pulling the kids on a sled with our four wheeler and taking hot cocoa breaks inside as we warm up.

7. Get away together. Take a day trip anywhere or even jump in the car in jammies and look at lights.

8. Snuggle up. Just snuggle up with a warm blanket together and be present.

9. Movie nights. Watch a classic holiday movie with popcorn and relax.

10. Enjoy unscheduled time. Have a day where nothing is planned. Put away technology and see what happens.

11. Be silly together. Watch a funny movie, make a puppet show, tell jokes…just be light-hearted together.

12. Just play. Play outside or play inside. Just take time out to be a kid with your kids.

13. Plan relaxation. Plan a family spa day. You could go get a pedicure and go watch a feel good movie afterwards as a family.

14. Gift buying, wrapping and giving. I love to take the time with each child to take them out to buy gifts for each other. It offers such amazing quality time.

15. Read holiday books together. You can slowly build up a collection so each night through the holidays you have a book to read together before bed.

16. Go seasonal site seeing. This can be to see the new snow on the grown, lights and so much more.

17. Make crafts together. We love to make homemade cards for others versus store bought. It is a great way to spend time together.

18. Listen to holiday music together and sing. We love to blast our favorite Christmas music, light candles and just be together.

19. Play games. Family board game nights are always something our kids look forward to and ask for.

So there are 19 Holiday Traditions to inspire you to increase togetherness with your family this season! Dovidenia. XO

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