Instilling a nature of thankfulness in my kids is so important to me as a mother. Having creative and simple ways to do so is the key to success in this area. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Here are 15 of the Best Gratitude Activities for Kids!

Often people think that November is the only time to focus on gratitude but I believe it is a year long affair that raises kids and even ourselves to a happy and better attitude in life.

15 Ways to Teach Gratitude to Kids

  1. The first simple ideas for gratitude is to create a place on a wall where the family can express gratitude daily in a visual way. Just looking at the wall is uplifting and also serves as a reminder of the good things in ones life.

2. You can make a gratitude tree with your kids. This is a simple craft that is fun and hands on. It leaves your child with a piece of art that they can be proud of.

3. Another idea is to make a gratitude chain craft. Check out this article to learn how.


4. Keep a gratitude journal! Journaling what we are thankful for is a wonderful habit to teach. Learning more about journaling and prompts to inspire gratitude in your child.

5. Do you ever just take the time to reflect and chat about gratitude with your kids? This is one of the most simplest ways to instill gratitude. Here are some gratitude conversation starter ideas here.

6. Make a gratitude garland. You can use and shapes you want to then write something you are thankful for on it daily.

7. Gratitude stones are another great way to practice reflecting on thing you are thankful plus the kids will love painting art on their rocks.

8. Printables for Thanksgiving time are always handy that time of year.

9. Using a Daily Gratitude List printable is another wonderful and convenient tool you can use with your family to bring focus back to being thankful.

10. A kid specific gratitude journal is a tool mentioned in this article. Click through the link to learn more.

The remaining 5 activities to teach gratitude are journals, trees for thanksgiving and year round, a photo scavenger hunt, creating traditions, clay gratitude ornaments and a nature scavenger hunt that all about self reflection and gratitude great for the whole family!

There are SO many ways to teach gratitude! I heard once that the secret to TRUE happiness in life has nothing to do with material things and all to do with attitude. Gratitude is the key to happiness! I hope you enjoy some of these activities. Dovidenia. XO

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