A Simpler Life can mean something different to people. I encourage you to grasp what that means to you…and run with it and not look back. Simple living for me means keeping my focus on what matters, enjoying the moment, being content with what God provides for me, saturating myself in the little things in life that truly create purpose and joy. Here are a few ways I have successfully led a simpler life.


1. Be Content. Happiness is yours TODAY!
2. Get passionate about your dreams and live them! A dream achieved will reward you more than any material object ever could!
3. Get healthy the natural way.
4. Adopt a new motto, “Less is More”.
5. Be resourceful by digging into your inner DIYer.
6. Gain freedom through budgeting.
7. Learn to say “NO” or when to say “YES”.
8. Be efficient with your time, talents and relationships.
9. Fuel your inner self.
10. Love.

Ahhh….can we snap our fingers and achieve all these new ways of thinking and living? I wish as much as you! Through this year I want to invite you to join me in the journey of simplicity as we learn the true beauty it can bring.  Each method for creating simplicity listed above will become our topics through the year. Look forward to user friendly tools for healthy eating and weight management, self sufficiency, organizational and budgeting tools, art, crafts, DIY, home refurbishing & restoration, and family life. I cant wait! This month will be devoted to gaining contentment by finding your HAPPY….as I like to call it! My HAPPY involves food, art, health, the farm and family. What will your HAPPY consist of this year? Until next week, dovidenia (good bye) and sweet dreaming!

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