Sandwiches! These suckers are easy, quick & balanced! I love the idea of a meal that involves NO COOKING ( see why here) and is satisfying to my “herd”.

can chicken
light miracle whip
dried cranberries
sliced almond

Dice up your celery and apple (I used 1 stalk and 1/4 apple for 3 sandwiches), open can of chicken and strain…..hard work here huh? LOL. I hope you are loving the simplicity so far!

Toss the whole can of strained chicken in a mixing bowl in addition to the rest of the ingredients to the consistency, texture and food preferances of your liking.(I love lotsa slivered almonds and apples where the hubby prefers less apple and more celery.) Do your thang (wink) mix it up and fill your croissant to the brim. 10 minutes or less you have a balanced meal with lean protein, antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats…with the croissant being a treat! Enjoy!

P.S. For a lower calorie option a whole wheat pita, whole grain crackers or lettuce wrap could be used instead of the croissant….but for me…I LOVE butter thus the croissant must stay! Ha! XO

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