Life is a gift. Life is short.

Those two statements are why I strive each day to be better (I may feel like I fail…I do actually…but I don’t quit trying)… to be a better person…mom…wife…sister…daughter…friend and so much more! What is even more important than my own character growth is my children’s. I realize what this life needs more of is kindness, the kind that is contagious! I truly believe kindness IS contagious!


As I pondered the moment I am in and how desperately I am to savor and cherish it, I was inspired to come up with a list of inspiring quotes and verses with thoughtful activities to go along with them for daily or weekly inspiration with my kids. Inspiration to spread kindness and love into a world starving for it!Inspiration to teach my children that love….and true LOVE that only God can give is best shared and FELT with ACTION! This is just a taste of more wonderful things to come as I collaborate with an amazing woman at Meaningful Mama…soon to come!

Enjoy these free printables! I hope they inspire you to spread the love!



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