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We have now been on our farm for a little over 4 years at Simple Acres. We have learned a lot, built a lot to develop what we call home and raised our beautiful family along the way. As small farm beef farmers, there is some things to our lifestyle many others who live a life in the country or have a farm have in common. One of those commonalities is the need for GOOD boots. We have shared our love for Totes boots a few times because we love them so much. Today we will tell you more why we believe they are one of the best gifts for farmers as well as share a way to save on them too!

Totes Cirrus Rain boots are so lightweight, comfortable and durable you’ll want to wear them whether its raining or not. They are made with Totes’ proprietary Everywear™ technology, which makes them 60% lighter than other boots yet every bit as strong. They are tough boots yet light as clouds!

When we first bought our farm, regardless of the season it became very evident there was something that was an absolute MUST for everyone in our family…that was boots. With cows to feed, chickens to feed and eggs to collect, water lines to change and for the kids just lots of dirt to play in boots is something we all wear daily!

This is where we have come to the conclusion that boots are the BEST gift for farmers! If you aren’t a farmer yet just love a nice rain boot Totes Rain Boots are perfect for you as well because they are honestly cute on and just so dang comfy!

I am very picky what I promote and these boots are definitely a staple in my attire! Get some of these boots for yourself, your favorite farmer or just for fun an use this promo code to save: CIRRUSGIFT30

Happy gift getting and giving! Dovidenia. XO



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