With my birthday on its way as well as a new year just around the corner it all causes me to reflect on life. I have really been thinking about finances lately and the importance of feeling secure in the future regarding it all. Likely another year added to my age doesn’t help the urgency I feel to make sure our finances are in order and simplified. When I was offered the opportunity to learn more about Blooom, a company that simplifies the way you manage your 401k, I was generally interested to learn more and share with all of you!

I feel that besides the day to day financial choices, our retirement plan is the most important factor to our future security. To be quite honest, I have always held a level of stress regarding my knowledge regarding financial investments for our future. To say I don’t know much about my 401k and how I should invest is an understatement. Through my years of employment in my profession, I can remember the numerous times of reviewing my retirement plan with the company my 401k is through yet the rep basically saying, they could not “technically” advise me on how I should invest. I would leave hoping I was on the right track planning to research more on the topic then realistically never getting to it. My lack of follow through came not from disinterest but frustration in my lack of understanding on the topic.

What I have found so interesting during my research of Blooom was why they came to be and how they can help people like you and I. Blooom was started by men well versed in the financial realm who saw a lack in support and financial advice for the majority of society. They wanted to make a way for anyone to have the ability to  receive financial counsel with retirement investing in a simple and affordable way. For me, this peaked my interest first and foremost in that I value others that strive to make positive change for others. The other thing that intrigued me was how I could pay a minimal fee ($10/month) to have my retirement managed for me by people that “get” the game of investing. The thought of having a service like this would really ease my mind, knowing I have a knowledgeable system and team guiding me in the the right direction. I love DIY projects but definitely NOT in my financial future!

Below is a simple look at how Blooom works:

About Us: 401k Help for Every American – blooom, inc

After researching and reviewing about this company, you can do their free 401k analysis. It was truly intriguing and valuable to see their assessment of my retirement plan. It really built my confidence in how well they really could help me. You can try their 401k analysis too!

What I am very certain of is as I enter a new year I want to feel more equipped with a plan to reach our financial goals. I want to feel like the direction my 401k is in is a good one I can feel confident in. This matters to me because I want to focus more on the things I love! I want to have less worry and more time to be present with my little ones.

I encourage you to check out Blooom like I did. I had never heard of them before now, but am glad I did! I am enjoying what I am learning and am truly considering their services. There is something to be said about being able to  feel confident in how to simplify your financial life successfully. I am feeling hope that a service like Blooom would allow me to let go of the stress of how to manage my own 401k DIY style enabling me to just enjoy the things I love most like family time and my art business more.  I am still in a learning and growing place as I strive to set goals for the new year organizing finances and challenging myself in frugal living. Financial security is a gift we give our family as a whole and our children years to come.

I used to think, life is short so live it up BUT now I think life is short so what I do now matters to make my family’s future secure and bright tomorrow! Call me old, but with age sometimes comes a new found wisdom. I am hoping to start writing and sharing more about frugal living in the new year as one way to finding joy while being financially smart. With that said here is to the beginning of a new journey in “adulting”! Dovidenia friends! XO


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