*I am excited to partner and be sponsored by Collective Bias Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions expressed in this article are mine and genuine. Thank you to Walmart Family Mobile and it’s services. #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

​Being a woman in this day and age requires super powers! Between being a nurse, teacher, chef, wife, taxi service, mail carrier, professional, mother….and the list goes on….we need to maintain our sanity and feel successful with all of that! Simplifying Family Time and Family Entertainment can make a world of difference and I have a secret I can’t wait to share!

Simplify family entertainment with increased data and movie nights.

There is so much to juggle and stay on top of these days …. and mommas it’s tough sometimes! Is anyone else with me? I’m excited to have gotten the opportunity to partner with Walmart to share a STELLAR service that is going to PLUS up your life and make you the Superwoman you want to be! Walmart Family Mobile PLUS service with unlimited talk, text and data with 10GB of 4G LTE data PLUS a free movie on VUDU ($7 value) EVERY month per line at only $49.88 per month is to the rescue! Ok…that was a mouthful…now let me share my secret of how you can utilize this great service and tool to simplify family time and family entertainment!

Family Mobile Plan and simplifying life for blogging with affordable data.

First, let me say that for personal use it’s nice to have extra data that is affordable (much cheaper than going over your data or having to buy more MONTH to MONTH…I’m guilty as charged) and convenient. As a blogger I need to be connected most of the day and its nice to have that extra data that can cover me when I have had a busy month. I bet there are months you may travel or happen to do things out of your norm that tend to drive up your data usage.

parenting and homework time

Secondly, weekday night solutions are absolutely needed in our home! With multiple children, homework and to-do’s, the evenings can become SO STRESSFUL for this momma. Having an extra phone with data allows me to keep “the ship” a little more calm and collected! Call me a survivalist mom, but technology can really be our friend as a tool to entertain, educate and reward our kiddos. While I focus on my oldest and his homework I can now allow my younger ones to take turns playing on educational apps. This creates a much calmer setting that the kids look forward to because we utilize the extra data as a special treat and reward for them. When the oldest completes his homework (with minimal meltdowns…ha) he then gets his turn and reward on the phone. We have enjoyed using the HTC Desire 626s for a great price of $129.00.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting, however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to Walmart Family Mobile or your local Walmart for current pricing.

data and a movie Walmart Family mobile

Lastly, I have really been focusing on encouraging the kids with more responsibilities, chores and positive behaviors which are then rewarded. I AM IN LOVE with the PLUS part of this plan which is a FREE movie EVERY month! Whether it be a family movie night or a “date night” the kids earn to be with momma for quality one on one time…Data and A Movie with the Walmart Family Mobile Plus Plan is such a useful tool to simplify family entertainment time with our kids.

rewarding kids parenting
Extra data allows the kids to have a great tool to be rewarded with while learning new things on interactive educational apps. This can make our job as mom much simpler and fun! My middle guy, who’s the chill one of the bunch, loves alone time relaxing with “his” phone all to himself. Of course he is earning this with positive behavior and chores…making me smile inside as he is so proud of being rewarded for his accomplishments.

walmart data and a movie night parenting

One on one time with my babies is our favorite pastime while snuggling up and watching our free movie on a tablet. Who knew a phone service could be a useful tool for family life! I stand firm on the idea that technology can be a positive tool if we make it so!

entertainment cart

I created a movie night/ date night cart full of yummy snacks that I plan to keep up permanently and “refresh” regularly as a fun way to entice the kids towards working hard in their studies and life to be the best they can be. The cart is so fun and might I say ADORABLE (I’m biased HA!). Simplified family entertainment here we come! Watch the video below to watch my process for creating the cart and preparing for a family movie night! I must add all the yummy treats, beverages, cute straws and cutting board were all found at Walmart.

Walmart Family Mobile


PS- You can find this amazing service and phone at your local Walmart in the entertainment and technology section.


I am grateful to have gotten to partner and be sponsored by Collective Bias Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions expressed in this article are mine and genuine. Thank you for Walmart Family Mobile and it’s services. #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias


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