Let’s spend less and live more! Let’s work to live, not live to work! Who wants to join me as we ponder how to Simplify Your Spending to get MORE out of life?!

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When I started this blog there were many things I felt led me to the vision and message I wanted to portray on the “interwebs” (as my dear hubby likes to call it!) My main message is how to simplify life and what the benefits to this way of living are. I have recently come through a time of self realization, growth and freedom related to where things and money play a part in my life! I have learned that false security, temporary happiness and often expensive entertainment were what spending money on unneeded things was offering me. I wonder if any of you can relate?

I had never stopped and really pondered the deep reasons I loved to spend money until lately. Do you know how I trully found my answers? For me it was from avoiding shopping AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. It was a challenge I chose for myself….at first to just see if I could. It was from avoiding the unneeded spending, that I felt the feelings and stresses that were my underlying needs to address (that I never realized were really there when I spent more freely). BORING….that’s what I thought of this process and NO FUN and sometimes just well…pissed off…BUT what I gained from this “spending fast” was FREEDOM! I know this sounds so cliche’ but it is so true for me! I am now free from my true stresses just purely by improving the way I cope with life and the way I think about what really adds value to it! 

5 ways to Simplify Your Spending

1. Avoidance. Find other things to do besides SHOP! It just started to baffle me as I pondered the never ending cycle (it seemed) of working to “have more” then shopping because I was working to much (stress). In some ways my journey to simple living is about shaving off the excess in life’s indulgences to truly have sincere joy, peace and contentment. I know this is opposite to what the world and materialism try to shove down our throats! It feels liberating to me to decide for myself what I “need” or even “want”. I have found myself digging deeper into my creative, entrepreneurial and health inspired side because of my shopping avoidance. You know what….I feel more fulfilled now.
2. Gratitude. I really focus on all I have and count my blessings more. It’s so easy to get sucked into “things” and wanting “new things”. It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters in life like….my family, friends, a place to call home, health, a really comfy pair of thrift store jeans and a yummy cup of Joe….there is just way to much to be thankful for! We truly have so much in this country…it’s excessive at times. I now love just enjoying what I have. Contentment is something that feels better then any spending splurge in my NEW book. (wink)
3.Minimize. I have now for the last three years been donating and consigning STUFF! I started by just focusing on one room at a time and asking myself three questions: “Do I love this item?” , “Do I need this item?” and “When was the last time I used this item?” My liking for the item or if it is sentimental can override my other questions but often if it is an item I haven’t worn or used for two years I get rid of it! I will tell you a less cluttered home environment (I am still in process) is very stress relieving as well as lets you enjoy what you love more. You also can make a significant amount of money through consignment and online swap sites, that can be saved, used for guilt free MODERATE splurging or even as a vacation fund. I’m so much more focused on spending money on memories over more “things” now a days!
4. Up-cycle. There is something to be said about what we as Americans have gone through in the last 10 years and the changes in our economy. One positive is the inspiration to CREATE! I love how people are into Pinterest and creating their own “things”! Creativity is more affordable (generally…HA), stress relieving and resourceful than mindless spending ANY day of the week! Imagine what you could do with all those old tee shirts you thought you needed…a rug, headbands, a toddler skirt….I just find it fun to re-purpose old things!
5.Moderation. If you asked my hubby, he would attest for me…moderation DOES. NOT. come natural to me! This truth of myself brought me to a program called StitchFix! What I love about it is that it helps me to learn how to “splurge “in moderation successfully. You are in control of the styles you like, the frequency they send you your 5 fun items, the price range that fits your budget AND what you actually keep from what they send! It is just FUN and (for me I need this) without the temptations that shopping at stores can cause. The items are personally picked by your stylist and it is a suprise which makes it all the more fun and a “treat”!

I hope I have shared a few tips that may help you Simplify Your Spending! Dovidenia. XO

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