I have always been a person obsessed with pictures. Pictures of loved ones and life’s moments are my joy. I think most people can share in the value they hold for the memories dear to their heart. Today I want to share a few simple ways we savor family memories.


Especially after motherhood it seems like life flies by! I am always trying to find ways to capture the moments that make life worth living.


From enjoying time with kids in the park to just hanging around the farm as a family there seems to always be glimpses in time I pray remain with me always.


I try to remind myself that each stage will bring joy and beautiful memories to cherish but I would be lying if I did not admit that at times I wish time froze.

jumping in water puddles and hot chocolate

My husband and I have shared 20 years of our lives together! Through the years I have done many things to savor the memories.

To name a few:

  • Keep a journal. I own a million of these things. Lately, I am enjoying the coloring journals as well as my app Momento.
  • Keep it old school. I love my Instax Mini cameras. Me and the kids love to play at the park and take these new age Polaroid cameras. They are simple enough even my kids can use them.
  • Create a video journal. The iMovie app is so simple and fun to create mini movies of your memories!

outdoor date night

This holiday season I wanted to turn the last year of our memories into a book! Then Shutterfly came along with their new Make My Book™ Service! You can create a memory book full of your favorite photos simpler than ever! You know I am all about simplifying life here at Simple Acres!

How It Works:
1. Choose what you want:

  • Select a book size and style.
  • Upload your photos or entire albums from your desktop, phone, tablet, or Shutterfly account.
  • THEY design your book.
  • THEY can even curate your best photos for you.

2. Receive your book:

  • In 3 business days, they add your custom designed photo book to your account and email you to let you know it’s ready in your Shutterfly account so you can review it.

3. View and order your book:

  • Order your book as is or personalize it with your own finishing touches.

What I LOVED about the process was how little effort and stress is was! I literally chose my favorite style and pictures and they did the rest!

When I received my book I was SO IMPRESSED! It was packed well and the entire book was sealed with plastic for protection. When I removed the protective plastic the matte finish I chose was beautiful!


One simple detail that I was surprised by, but loved so much was the high quality paper that introduced and ended the book. The picture below shows the detail and texture!


My little guy thought this book was just the coolest thing ever. He had so much fun looking at the book and couldn’t believe he was a “star” in it!


What else impressed me were the details the designers chose that meshed our family story together so beautifully as pictured below.


Again, the images and its clarity and color in the matte finish I chose were stunning!


Shutterfly even has an option to add an attachable clear envelope inside the book to store keepsakes!


Even the back of my book was beautiful as it displayed my photo of choice.


There are so many Simple Ways to Savor Family Memories! As you can tell, I am beyond excited about my new photo book! If you want a gift that is unique and thoughtful with minimal stress, check out Shutterfly’s new Make My Book™ Service! Keep creating those memories friends. Dovidenia. XO


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