Hello! My name is Stefanie, first let me say I am no “fashion blogger” just ask my poor husband who still can manage wonderful pictures of me! Secondly, my style is ALL THINGS COMFY. So when I had the opportunity to share THEE BEST comfy layering clothes around….I had no choice but to share my new found love with you all! The cold and crisp weather is my favorite! Layering my clothes and being warm and cozy is one reason why Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. Let’s waste no more time and explore what I like to call SIMPLE STYLE and essential layering fashion for this season!


We live on a growing farm full of black and a few red angus as well as 3 little wild beings we are attempted to raise up the best we can. That being said, I need comfortable clothes I can be outside in, chase my kids around and feel comfortable as I write to you lovely people! Who else desires comfort AND simple style?


Cuddl Duds is a company new to me. What I learned working with this company is that they are all about comfy clothes that also is very “kind” and complimenting to your body! I am instantly in LOVE and can tell I will be addicted to getting every comfortable item! (They even making bedding folks!)

This outfit includes their Softwear with Stretch Cowlneck Tunic as my top and leggings. If you can imagine the softest most heavenly fabric on your body that has the perfect flow….that is these clothes!


My socks are extremely soft and above knee high to allow the ability to wear with a dress or they can be scrunched down as pictured. Again, heavenly soft.

Feet: “Can I just frolic in the clouds?”

Me: “Why, yes feet you may!”


I couldn’t stop shopping for these items at Kohls that I also got this AMAZING Cuddl Duds Fleecewear with Stretch Hooded Wrap. It even has pockets! It is so cozy and warm.


I love how my tunic and wrap went together perfectly and again, I have never worn more soft and comfortable clothes that are also very “body friendly” which we all deserve. I think my hubby was crushing on me here with the head shot! LOL! Thank goodness after 20 years he stills loves and crushes on me!


My mitten and cap are also examples of the Cuddl Duds attire you can find at Kohls right now! I loved this super soft, knit matching set. Warm is an understatement.


I am quite certain my cows are jealous of me right there! Don’t miss out on the comfort friends! Run to Kohls as fast as you can and buy every comfy Cuddl Duds item you can find RIGHT NOW! That’s what I did and I am in LOVE! Simple style with essential layering fashion is so doable and fun! Dovidenia. XO


It’s so simple to find your Cuddle Duds! Just head to Kohls and you will find displays in the woman’s section and the aisle near by!

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