The holiday season is upon us! I love this season for all it’s goodness. To me it is a time to savor each day with the ones I love, baking delicious foods for other, family traditions, making handmade gifts for others and decorating my home to make it feel cozy. Amidst all the goodness I find myself each year fighting for the special moments. I find it takes intention to claim back the holiday season for what it really should be about instead of the excessive hustle and bustle. There are two things I do to keep Christmas time simple. The first thing I do is start preparing months in advance (I will save that for another post.) and the second thing is keeping gift giving simple.

It is so easy to get caught in the midst of materialism and shopping and find yourself over shopping and spending. This year I am REALLY focusing on simplifying my gift giving with thoughtful gifts that speak the message of valuing the person I am gifting and the importance of quality time. Below is a list of gift ideas for your loved ones:

Simple Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Handmade gifts: Everyone has a gift to create something! What I love about handmade gifts is the intention, time and thought that goes into them to tell the person you are giving a gift to you care. Ideas for handmade gifts can be home decor signs, knit scarves, jewelry and art.

2. Wine: I may have just listed my two favorite gifts ( art and wine)! Wine serves as a nice gift that most appreciate especially this time of year. It’s a great gift to compliment all the yummy food eaten through the holidays, a gift that encourages a relaxing evening when a glass is shared with a loved one and well….WINE…need I say more?! Wine from Wente Vineyards is so good and is one of the simplest gifts you can give. It is great to have a few on hand for a last minute gift you may need as well.

3. Baked Goods: Cookies, treats and more are an absolute winner for everyone around the holidays. This gift is affordable and depending on the recipe can be pretty simple as well. The kids and I love surprising others with holiday treats!

4. Quality time spent together: Give a gift that promises time spent and memories made. This year I am planning to give the kids gift cards to the trampoline park, the movie theater and this awesome pottery making shop in town. I love the ideas of buying gifts that keep giving versus a toy they will just break or lose interest in in a matter of weeks.

I hope these ideas inspire you toward some Simple Christmas Gift Ideas that are thoughtful and reduce the hustle and bustle this season for you and yours. Let us create more memorable moments this holiday! Dovidenia. XO

P.S. If you love wine too just click on the image below and you can see all the delicious options you can order right to your door for gift giving!

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