Life’s hectic schedule and responsibilities of being a working mom and wife make “upkeep” a challenge for me. I have to say I have always been someone who preferred to put minimal effort in when it comes to getting “ready” for the day…I like comfortable attire and my hair pulled up (wink). This is not because I don’t care about how I present myself but because I have always felt I shouldn’t HAVE to! (Can you tell I am awnery?) But as I get older (still coping with this one…ha) I have come to enjoy Simple Beauty Tips that help express how I feel on the inside about myself.


I still hold true to less is more when it comes to beauty and therefore my Simple Beauty regimen is just that…simple! I just had to share as these few tips are fairly new to me, but I love them!


1. I have been washing my face with a homemade all natural sugar scrub I make that I just love! It consists of 1/2 c sugar , sweet almond oil until it is of a balm to salve consistency then add 4 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 1-2 drops of frankincense oil and 1 drop of lavender. I LOVE my Young Living essential oils and you can learn about them more here as well as a few articles on them here and here. The sugar and grapefruit oil offer a wonderful natural exfoliate and the almond oil leaves a light moisturizing effect. Lavender is so soothing to my skin and frankincense works wonders with my fine lines and age spot/freckles.


2. I spent 5 minutes or less applying Younique mascara, lip stain and gloss.
3. Often I will use a simple over the counter tinted SPF moisturizer during the day.And that is it my friends…soooo, I suppose I don’t have any excuse not to get a little bit “dolled” up once in awhile…these
Simple Beauty Tips make me WANT to!
Dovidenia. XO


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