What does living with intention mean? It has been easy through the years to be led and stretched in many different directions feeling quite certain THAT was my path to follow. How do we find ourselves in a flurry of busyness, commitments, plans, and things and be able to find the light out of the tunnel we place ourselves in? I have found a LIGHT and I have found an answer that makes living with intention not only SIMPLE but exciting! You may be curious of my secret, and I am excited to share.

living with intention

Life with intention.

What does that look like for me? This can be a common question I believe most can relate to at one point or another in life. Intention is purpose and purpose is subjective…right? Or is it? Can our direction in life be led somewhat by something greater than ourselves?

There was a time in my life, through my own direction I created what I thought my purpose was to be. It was one of climbing the ladder of prestige in accomplishments, doing and saying the “right” things and being that “yes-woman”. I thought success was money. I thought money meant I mattered. (How embarrassing as I type this out.)

What I found through striving for the best this world could offer was a sense of chronic discontent. Have you ever found yourself in this place? Have you ever wondered what the hell really matters?

It was then I started searching deeper for what my focus and intention should be in life. I looked to something greater than I.

The beginnings of this blog, though I may not have mentioned, was an extension of a journey I was already on. I had found my LIGHT, TRUTH and INTENTION several years prior. My secret to living an intentional life rested in a faith in something better and greater than anything this world offers.

God can unlock the door to intentional living!


When I finally leaned into God and let Him lead my life I found peace! I found the ability to walk with intention in love for others in a way I never would have imagined. I learned to love myself better as well. I found direction in what I was meant to do. I have experienced my talents used in ways I have never experienced before and I am doing things today I NEVER THOUGHT I would do! God has brought so many people along my path and every day I am excited to see what His plan is for me. I would love to hear where you are brought to and the people that “coincidentally” cross your path as you lean into God. Let Him help you live intentionally with the dreams and gifts he created you to have.

Simple Acres is so many things to me but at the core it is a journey of learning contentment in just BEING. My intention is to live life to the fullest without the excess that creates false security and success. My intention is to walk in gratitude every day and learn that less in some things can truly FEEL GOOD. I can attest that it feels damn freeing! I want to help others have the peace and freedom I feel in my core.

Today I stand with a lot of things that may have been deemed as valuable and “successful” by my old standards. The difference is that now those things are only tools to me. I am blessed and grateful for entrepreneurial success today. This time my gratitude is different though. I am thankful that by striving for my intentional lifestyle it has enabled me to do what I feel called to do. This my friends is more rewarding than chasing any monetary reward or status.

When you lean into a God that LOVES YOU and CREATED YOU with a unique intention intertwined with your gifts the reward of intentional living is greater than anything you will experience. Today I feel called to blog. Today I feel called to reach out my hand to strangers and friends alike and offer a peace I am growing into from simplicity.

cattle farming

Folks, God is simple. As I peer of to the acreage we have been blessed with I feel that presence. God says, “BE STILL” (Psalm 46:10).

I believe it is in the still and simple that we hear His voice. I intend to help you create that still moment here at Simple Acres, whether it be a recipe that makes life easier, art that quiets your stress or sharing my journey as a means to be an extended hand to your own personal success. A subtle yet powerful voice of love I intend to share because you matter and are loved (Ephesians 3:18-19).


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