There I am….trying to learn “a thing or TWO” about farming! Can you say with me “patience is a virtue” ?! HA! I have learned that life often offers  wisdom  in unexpected ways. (I mention my journey to this beautiful family and farm life I’m blessed with, here.) I have always dreamt and believed that I am called to teach others….something. This comes from a heart to help and inspire in some way (I hope). I admit, from this perceived purpose I have found myself studying in different topics…all to achieve this ability someday. What I have learned is…sometimes it  is the unexpected messengers in life that teach us, and it is simply the journey and the present moment that is the TRUE teacher. I’m  finding myself pleasantly humbled (and at times surprised) by what and who teaches ME. In this new journey toward simple living… instead of an “over studious” ambition toward achieving and “doing” to reach my dreams…I have chose to slow down, absorb life and JUST LISTEN.
That man, I call him My Hard Workin’ Man, my boyfriend of 19 years (husband) and best friend keeps teaching me things….DAMN IT (smiling)! I say that because I am stubborn , I hate to admit it, and for nearly two thirds of my life with this person I have tried to (and often truly believed) I had the answers and knowledge for most things. Time and time again when I was wrong….and he would END UP right (yes, if you are reading this Mr. I am quite publically admitting ….sigh) I kept on stubbornly believing it was coincidence. After almost 20 years I am ready to say OK…you WIN…I’m LISTENING…..and quite honestly I have been for awhile (but don’t tell him that…wink).

Some lessons I have learned from My Hard Workin’ Man…
1. Actions speak louder than words. Words are empty without the actions to back them…something I strive to grow in more and more.
2. Hard work IS love. This is one I didn’t believe or accept for a long time but watching my man single handedly fence in the entire 10 and 1/2 acres and build our dreams while spoiling me with all my “wants” and “likes” has convinced me of this! Hard work shows passion, determination and drive.
3. We are not in control. As a recovering control freak…this recurring reality offers me comfort and encouragement. It reminds me to “Let go & let God” as my grandma would say.
4. Slow down. Self care and being the best person we can be calls for self awareness of our limits…and honoring those AND being ok with that! A lesson I am still in the process of learning. 
5. Farmin’ doesn’t start at 9am! This is a humourous one as I was quite “caught a back” by this claimed reality my sweetheart so kindly informed me of (the night owl I am).
6. If you aren’t 5 min early, you are late. With these standards I. AM. ALWAYS.LATE….I have three kids…come on now, cut a girl some slack! I like to live on “island time” as I learned its called on my honeymoon to Hawaii ages ago! Ha!
7. One day at a time. Striving to live in the moment has been the most cherished lesson I have learned so far!

So….now I am LISTENING more to the messengers of my life,  leaning into that small intuitive voice and learning more than ever before! I wonder what your life has been teaching you lately? (smiling)

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