Christmas time is my ALL time favorite. So much so I leave a small Christmas tree up YEAR round with my vintage ornament collection on it. I love creating things for the holiday season year round! The other day as I was wrapping gifts (I like to be ahead and done by mid-November.) my son was with me in my art room. I decided with close supervision he was ready to learn how to use a wood burner. Without a plan in mind and just the thought of spending quality time together we made Kid Made Wood Burn Ornaments. These were too cute to not share!

What I love most about this project is it’s simplicity and seeing your child’s very own art come to life in a permanent way etched in wood. It is very important you follow the warning labels on the wood burner and offer very close supervision to prevent the chance of a burn.

Materials for making Kid Made Wood Burn Ornaments:

  • wood gift tags
  • wooden colored beads
  • hemp string
  • wood burner

How to make your ornaments:

  1. With supervision, guide your child how to correctly hold the wood burning pen to prevent self harm.
  2. I helped my son and guided his hand at first as we both held the pen to teach him the pressure he needs and the pace to draw on wood with the wood burner.
  3. Let your child create the designs they see fit. I let me son create with no guidance or limitations to what he drew.
  4. Once the tags are complete, place 6 inch string through your tag and string beads to your liking then tie the end and you are done.

There are many uses for these ornaments! You could use them as actual gift tags on presents, hang from your rear view mirror to admire daily, or simply hang on your Christmas tree as the ornaments they are!

Creating these Kid Made Wood Burn Ornaments allows your kids to be creative and you to have a special keepsake. These also could make great gifts your kids could make for others that is very affordable.

Enjoy creating friends! Dovidenia. XO

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