My name is Stefanie, I am a Dietitian who loves food. I love shopping for food, teaching others about food, creating food plans, getting paid to play with plastic food, I even like drawing & taking pictures of food…heck…I love eating food…but I must confess I am a mediocre…may I repeat mediocre cook who gets lucky when I get a recipe right! There I said it…cooking is NOT my forte. Read about my meal burning escapade here. That being said there is GOOD NEWS… any recipe I share here at Simple Acres has to be simple enough for me to pull off a successful yummy meal for my busy herd!

I can share 3 helpful tips to avoid being a meal burner like me :
1. Avoid making crafts while making dinner. You will get swept away into your “happy place” in your head only to be alerted to the sizzle and burnt smell of your once recognizable entrée. 
2. Avoid overachieving, multitasking mommy duties such as picking up, washing clothes or helping family members “be the best they can be” while cooking. Stand still in the kitchen with your eyes focused on the task at hand. (My, I like to call it creative genius, mind does not allow this.) You may pace if you become bored…just, keep. eyes. FOCUSED!
3. High setting is NOT your friend. Yes it seems efficient to cook at the highest temperature, I know I am with you….but in a blink of an eye….BAM….black not brown is your grill cheese! Many ruined scorched pans has taught me this important lesson. Remember…patience is a virtue…or at least it helps bring forth a higher percentage of non-burnt meals.

OK, now that we have those “not-so-obvious” tips (ha) tucked under our belt….let me share with you my recovery plan from burning meals! SANDWICHES & SALADS….yummy, simple and Spring inspired! Check out my first recovery meal: BBQ Chicken Salad (the hubs gave me a thumbs up)! It is a one grocery bag, less than 10 minute NO COOK meal!

You will thank me later! Dovidenia (wink).

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