How to overcome trial in life? That is a good question.

I have been distant here for several years. After losing our daughter two years ago and nearly losing my 9-5 it’s accurate to say I lost some of my inspiration to write and connect as fully as I would have liked BUT I am back. I am back full of (some) wisdom to share, success stories and learned lessons and hope restored. Overcoming trials in life is essential to surpass the status quo and survival. To overcome is to THRIVE.

Two years ago we lost our daughter Tyia to a grave genetic disorder with no chance for survival. You never realize how deeply seeded your love is for your children until they are (what feels like) ripped from your womb, then a seed of hope lost again the very date Tyia was to be born. At that point, I couldn’t even share the miscarriage we experienced after the tragedy of losing our sweet baby girl. In the meantime, I was experiencing lost wages in time lost from my 9-5 as my place of employment went bankrupt and when it seemed like nothing was left and I was in a corner…..

I made a decision. I took a leap of faith.

At that time of taking a leap of faith I was newly pregnant with what was to be our sweet rainbow baby we cherish today. My leap was a partial career shift toward content creation and social media management for business owners.

A year later I had a sweet HEALTHY (praise God) baby and a business thriving more than I could have imagined in such a short time.

So that is the short story. I needed to just start connecting here again and felt the need to catch up in a sense before jumping back full steam ahead with yummy recipes, fun art projects and stories on the farm.

Do I feel like everything in my life and business is figured out and perfect? Far from it and NO….BUT…

I have experienced hoping for something and going through something that required a lot of faith and making it to the end with an answered prayer (sweet baby).

I do have a business now that is serving others and helping to support our family.

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It’s not uncommon for people to not fully grasp what a social media manager does. Yesterday I had an “a-ha!” to simplifying how to explain it. . . . I help you so YOU can serve your community better. . . . Now to go in-depth : . . . I take time to absorb the heart and mission of your business. . . . From there I express your voice as I connect your mission to the community you get up every day to serve. . . . I TELL YOUR BRAND STORY with images that speak for themselves and copy that EDUCATES, ENTERTAINS and ENGAGES your followers. . . . I help you create a community connected to you. When people feel a part of something bigger YOU have loyalty to your brand. . . . When your people feel heard they hear YOU! . . . This is marketing, this is content creation, this is my media service serving YOU so YOU can serve your community better. . . . When you have the time back to be in your zone of genius you then can continue to serve your community better and better.

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So as I write this I ponder inwardly, “How did I come from a place of fear, doubt and in some instances despair to a place of hope and more confidence? How did I overcome the trials of basically losing a part of myself in a lost child I hoped for and a career I studied years for?”

The answer can be complex in detail but simply put it’s a few very simple things:

How to Overcome Trials in Life

  • NEVER give up. Sure, there may be days where you need to allow a retreat, a pity party but ultimately you only allow it short term. If you refuse to give up you CANNOT be overcome by your circumstances.
  • Move forward. Look toward your future and what you want and believe in and live today in a way that leads to the future life, you, family, career you want.
  • One step at a time. It is overwhelming and impossible to change everything and do everything at once. Start small, even a few minutes a day of something you need to feel better, reach a goal or develop a better habit.
  • Be present.Slow down and try to absorb the moment by unplugging from the noise of life and plugging into yourself, your loved ones, nature and what nurtures YOU.
  • Give yourself permission to have hard days.I still cry at the loss of my daughter. Nothing replaces her. I still want her so badly. I have days that although I love my new career direction I miss the comfort of a familiar job and I question everything. I have learned this is ALL OK. Let yourself process and feel.
  • Don’t ride the roller coaster. Life has and will always have it’s ups and downs but you don’t have to be thrown by it. As time goes by, as you experience more in life you begin to be more sturdy in your  beliefs and your confidence in your ability to survive AND thrive. You ultimately become less moved in life by hardship-which is a good thing in my opinion.
  • Never lose hope. I personally can not imagine if I thought there was no higher power or greater good beyond our full understanding. For me taking the promises from a greater power and holding them in my heart gives me strength and a hope that can outweigh any doubt. Find that source of hope in YOUR life and cling to it when times get tough.

So there it is friends, a jumble of two years of some of the most challenging and stressful times in my life yet also the most beautiful, powerful and successful years thus far. When we can look at our trials after the fact as an opportunity to learn we can then take it and possibly help others. It takes time though. Everyone is ready in their own time. I couldn’t have written this before because I wasn’t through it. I had to be amidst the storm and do the things I listed above with all my might BUT now I am here to encourage YOU.

If you are in a storm of life now please know you aren’t alone. Reach out. Don’t give up. Practice self care the best you can. You will overcome! Dovidenia. XO

PS- I look forward to sharing with you my new media website in the coming weeks. If you own a business of any sort you will find a lot of value there, community art classes are coming in September and I am pondering a few group cooking classes too! Thank you all for your love and support through the years! Xo

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