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It’s that time of year again! The season is changing beautifully and my little ones are growing with each day. It has been 3 years of documenting our life on the farm raising our herd of kids and cattle. It’s nearly been that long that I fell in love with my favorite boots as well! I decided there was no better way to celebrate all the goodness we have in life right now but by taking our family photos with Durango boots!This year I found a way to make family photos even more of a memorable experience. 

When I think back to the beginning of Simple Acres I remember my youngest not even being one yet. Our land was pure dirt and sagebrush. We had endless dreams for our family and farm and endless days of work ahead of us to get there. At this very same time was the first time that I really started wearing cowgirl boots as a daily norm. It was also the beginning of trying new things and putting myself “out there” creatively to the world. 

When Simple Acres was just coming to be as a home, lifestyle, dream and reality was nearly the same time I slipped on my first pair of Durango boots and grabbed my camera. Three years later I am still loving my boots and growing in my passion with art and photography.  I have been enjoying capturing pictures and moments of our family through the years. Even my husband has enjoyed taking part dabbling in photography from time to time. 


When the leaves are turning beautiful colors I always find myself wanting to picture them as a perfect back drop for family photos. Often when you get family photos you meet with your photographer at a location, get your pictures taken and then you are on your way. Being that I am able to take our own family photos I wanted to make the experience more memorable. 

What was special about our family photo day this year was the quality time spent with each family member and how I went about gathering our pictures. 

Here’s how I made family photos more memorable:

  1. Slow down the process. Often the process of family pictures can be hurried due to schedules in life. I chose to devote our day to pictures with the kids. No, I did not take pictures for 8 hours but it allowed me to savor the moment in a low stress way. Being able to take the time to soak in the surroundings and let the kids play while I took pictures made for a much more enjoyable experience.  
  2. Make picture time quality time. For me, I get to be the photographer so it makes it simple to spend quality one on one time with my loved ones. I chose to take one child at a time to a park to play and take pictures. If you were hiring a photographer you could do the same with each of your family members. 
  3. Let personality shine. With the one on one attention I gave while taking our family photos, it really allowed the kids to just be them! With multiple kids, pestering and fighting for our attention generally is a norm in our house. I often notice when I take the time alone with each child they are more able to be their silly happy selves. Capturing individual personality makes for photos that remind you where your loved ones were in that moment in time.  
  4. Wear things you love to create character. What we wear in our pictures is like creating a time capsule for our memories. I love to capture candid pictures of my kids playing in the leaves and just being kids. I want them wearing their favorite dress, even if it has a rip or stain, or rocking their new boots they already scuffed up because they love wearing them constantly. When I look at the pictures I take I want to be reminded of the time not only by the image but by the details worn in the picture. 

I love the colors of the leaves as the season changes, we love our Durango boots, our home town and familiarity and we love each other. This year was a success as I shot family photos in our Durango boots, making memories along the way!

P.S. As you can see Durango boots are a perfect touch to family pictures. We also wear our boots on the farm as well as out on the town.

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