Pomander balls is a snazzy term for oranges decorated with cloves to add a nice touch to your seasonal decor as well as smelling delicious! You can decorate with pomander balls in a bowl or dish, as ornaments for the holidays, a garland and even as a beautiful centerpiece. Whether it is Christmas time or just a cooler weather day that calls for a little  hygge – you will love this DIY. Often everything you need is already right in your cupboard!

pomander balls

Here’s how to make pomander balls, which are simply oranges pierced by cloves. As the orange dries, it will release a yummy citrus and spiced fragrance.

How To Make Pomander Balls

Supplies Needed:

  • Oranges
  • Whole cloves

Step – by – Step Directions:

Follow this simple set of directions to make your own pomander balls. If you’re making simple designs, each ball will take only a few minutes to make! Have fun and enjoy the process!

  1. Stick the Clove in!  It is as simple as that. Use the sharp end of the clove to puncture and push in to the orange. Creating a design makes these beautiful, fun and even relaxing to create. Getting the kids involved in the pomander ball process can be a fun Christmas tradition to add to your holiday decor. There are really no rules to this besides to ENJOY the process and aroma as you make them.
  2. Create designs.You can try designs such as  swirls, shapes, hearts and more. My kids liked putting their names in them and crosses for Jesus too.

how to make pomander ball

making pomander balls

How to Use Pomander Balls

Once you have created your pomander balls place them in places that spread their yummy smell and look beautiful. You can place them in a centerpiece on your dining room table with fairy lights, some greenery and candles.

orange and clove pomander balls

You could also make ornaments for Christmas with them or even put them in a wreath or garland! They give such an organic, vintage and beautiful touch to your home. Where are you planning to put yours? I would love to know!

Drying Your Pomander Balls

To get the longest and best life out of these hang them up to dry a bit. As they dry they will become more aromatic and also it helps reduce any mold formation. The best time to create these is at the beginning of the Christmas season if you are making them for that otherwise enjoy them whenever you wish- that is what we do!

I hope learning How to Make Easy DIY Pomander Balls was a simple and fun DIY your family and YOURSELF will enjoy year after year!

Dovidenia. XO




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