Is it possible to buy healthy food on a budget? I often open the cupboards to see what I just bought mere days ago and it is gone! Can you relate?! With a growing family it can be a challenge to keep the food in the house, stay within a reasonable budget AND have healthy options! This year I am determined to save more money and my area of focus has been my food budget thus far. I am excited to share one of my secrets to feeding your family healthy food on a budget!

My personal journey and mission is to simplify life so that what really matters can be enjoyed MORE!

I am really passionate about helping you find more freedom, time and ability to do the same.I have finally come to a place where I feel truly ready to make tangible changes in life that will benefit my family financially. Have you ever sat down and calculated how much money you spend a month on food or are you already on a budget? I say this with embarrassment, that for the longest time I did not want to know how much I was really spending on food … although I had an idea and it was not good. I haven’t shared yet, as I am keeping a spending journal for this month, but I will be sharing my journey to successfully tightening up my family’s food budget at the end of the month.

Today I want to share one quick secret that is an absolute game changer to your financial health when it comes to your food budget and healthy eating. 

Here’s my secret to feeding your family healthy on a budget:

  1. Shop at a discount grocery store. Have you ever heard of Grocery Outlet or visited one?! This store alone will help you nearly cut your grocery expenses in half! They are a family owned grocery store that offers awesome varieties of food at 40-70% off the prices you would find in other stores.
  2. Shop in the healthy food section of the store. Like most stores when you shop the perimeter of the store you generally will find the more wholesome food options and produce.
  3. Shop in the NOSH sectionHoly heck! What is this? This my friends is the natural, alternative, organic, specialty foods and healthy section of the store AS WELL! I found items that were double and in some times triple OFF the cost found in other stores. Now you can get the organic and specialty foods you would want to get but otherwise might not be able to afford! I shopped almost solely in the NOSH section and got ALL the food pictured below for nearly $80 while saving about $80 off what would have been regular price! I was giddy to say the least when I left the store!

There is something that FEELS SO GOOD about saving money for the family AND feeding them wholesome healthy options as a mother! Every time I leave Grocery Outlet I am reminded why it is SO important to shop with them first. The reason I say first is because their food options change regularly due to the nature of how they are able to offer their great discounts. So, shop at this discount grocery store first then what you can’t find get at another store.

Grocery Outlet offers high value in foods at an amazing price where there is something for EVERYONE in your family!

I whipped up a few things in minutes for my kids from my findings.

This first recipe is a Dairy-Free Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Banana Smoothie using 1/2 a banana, 1/3 cup almond milk ice cream from the NOSH section, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and almond milk. I really didn’t measure much just added ingredients to taste. If you want it thicker add less almond milk add more chocolate almond ice cream. If you want it more sweet add more banana or even drizzle in some raw honey.

The other recipe I threw together is this Organic Broccoli Mac and Cheese. My organic box of mac and cheese and broccoli was all from the NOSH section. The whole meal that would feed 4 cost less than $4 for the entire batch! All I did was cook the mac and cheese per the box directions. When the noodles were half way done I then added a handful of the organic broccoli to the boiling water. Once the noodles and broccoli are cooked through, strain the water then add them back to the cooking pan. Add 1/3 cup of almond milk and the cheese packet, stir and mix. Then add a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and mix in until melted. Top it with a sprinkle of pepper and Parmesan cheese and it is ready to serve! We love this for a quick meal.

I had so much fun shopping and saving at Grocery Outlet and I hope this little secret will help YOU feed your family healthy meals on less! Dovidenia. XO


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