A “to-do” list an arm long with kids in tow is enough to challenge any parent. An “enjoyable” experience to say the least, read here, inspired me to create a DIY Survival Kit to simplify the hecticness of life. I hope this inspiration makes juggling life’s busyness while loving and entertaining kiddos a little easier.
Survival kit ingredients include Horizon peanut butter sandwich crackers, Yummy Earth organic suckers (these buy you at least 5 min alone), Yummy Earth fruit snacks (amazing), small books, pocket size notebook and crayons, army men, a miniature doll, trail mix (another time buyer as you know the kiddos will search for every last chocolate first…ha), toy car, flash light and lastly a Mr. Doodleface (or any other dollar store find). Just gather your survival kit pieces throw them in a gallon size Ziploc bag (I made one for each child…EXACTLY the same to ward off fighting) and you are prepared for even the most hectic day! Here’s to simplifying life with kids (wink) ….if that’s possible! 
Don’t forget to stash these puppies in the car for future use…you will thank me later! XO

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