Life has been crazy this last week. I would like to say I have everything in order all the time but the reality is there seems to always come a week every month or so where I feel I am just treading water. This week has been one of THOSE weeks. You know the ones that make you want to finish your day off with sprinkled donuts because the sugar seems to offer just the right sedation needed to alleviate stress. Well, I have found a healthier way to indulge on the go and I am excited to share!

As a mom, busy entrepreneur and Dietitian I know self care is key to survival of the fittest in this world called “mom-life”. 

Classroom parties, treats I nearly forget, homework to help children complete, doctors appointments, crafts to make at the moment of sunrise for children’s school contests, TAXES (Lord help me!), “wifery”, teaching art classes (my bliss) and sharing products I love are just a few of life’s gifts and duties this week. Have you ever had a week like that? You know, the type that make you feel like you are crawling across the finish line, knees scuffed up, hair a mess with traces of last nights sweet treat on your breath. I am laughing out loud as I type this just realizing how much I do this to myself. I am the force behind my own hot mess self!

Saying “no” to things and reviewing my schedule is for another blog post in the future. Today I reflect on the beauty of indulgence foods and saying yes. There is nothing wrong with finding something you enjoy to eat at the end of  a long day or to offer as a snack on the go. I found VitaTops new product MuffinTops! They are savory and delicious and offer a sense of the treat you crave but without all the things YOU KNOW you don’t need. These yummy puppies are full of vitamins, higher in protein and fiber and around 100 calories per treat. My kids would not keep their hands off of them either!

I found this product to be perfect for a quick breakfast with milk for my kids. I just tossed them in the toaster and in minutes there were ready for munching! They also are perfect for that late night sweet tooth craving. I find these perfect because they are just the right amount of sweetness.

It is so easy to find yourself in the pendulum of excessive high calorie indulgence and other times dietary restriction. To avoid this its important to allow indulgence in your diet. It allows you you to stick closer to your healthy dietary intentions. With how on the go life is for us moms WE DO NOT have time for poor self care and destructive eating habits. With VitaTops you can get a treat in moderation that also offers a multitude of vitamins. Killing two birds with one stone is efficient and I LOVE EFFICIENCY!

A few other healthy ways to indulge on the go:

Find your VitaTops in the freezer section and breakfast/frozen entree aisle at your local Target, Publix, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite or Kroger. Will you try these out and share what you thought with me? I think you will enjoy them as a healthy treat. You can use this coupon when you go to save $1!

Dovidenia. Xo




When your stomach craves a treat and your mind reasons a few vitamins, a satisfying compromise can be made with VitaTops!

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