I have been in love with my man for over 20 years! It’s crazy to think about as I write that number out. One of the main things that keeps love going strong is quality time! Frugal and fun date ideas have kept us enjoying each others company through the years and I am excited to share some of our favorites!

Do you ever find yourself stumped for something to do with the love of your life? I can attest to feeling that way and although I love just snuggling up at home I also experiencing new things with my husband. The one thing important to us is being mindful with money. Often it can feel like there isn’t much to do that is affordable, because of this I compiled a list of ideas. I love having a list of ideas as a sort of “go to” when we are having trouble deciding what to do.

Here are 30 Frugal and Fun Date Ideas:

  1. Netflix movie night with your favorite snacks.
  2. Attend live music in town.
  3. Bake cookies together.
  4. Go to a comedy show.
  5. Put a puzzle together.
  6. Go thrift shopping together.
  7. Stargaze together with your favorite beverage.
  8. Go wine tasting.
  9. Make a fire outside and cook hot dogs and smores.
  10. Play strip poker together.
  11. Go on a hike together.
  12. Go to a Farmer’s Market.
  13. Go fishing.
  14. Go to a local sports game.
  15. Volunteer at a food bank.
  16. Go on a bike ride.
  17. Do a photo shoot together, taking pictures of each other.
  18. Take a pottery class together.
  19. Attend a local play,
  20. Go to the gym and work out together.
  21. Go on a bike ride.
  22. Have an all day movie marathon.
  23. Go people watch at your favorite spot in town.
  24. Take a bubble bath together.
  25. Make a new recipe together.
  26. Go on a day trip to the nearest town.
  27. Make a dream board together.
  28. Have a picnic.
  29. Go camping.
  30. Stay in bed and enjoy doing what couples do!

There you have it friends! There are many frugal and fun date ideas that don’t break the bank yet encourage you to spend quality time together! Here are a few more super quick date ideas you can do on the fly! For a few more ideas check out the blogs listed below! Dovidenia. XO

Come back and check out all of the great ideas these awesome bloggers are sharing. You can find an updated schedule over at Inspired by Family. Our 12 awesome mom bloggers are: Paradise Praises , Inspired by Family, Beauty Through Imperfection, The Gingerbread House , The Classy Chapter , Confidence Meets Parenting, Pichea Place, Thinking Kids Blog , Simple Acres Blog, Clarissa West, Creative World of Varya, The Educators Spin On It

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