Hallelujah holy happy dance! The kids are back in school and its time for MOM TIME. Don’t get me wrong at all, Summer is great but Fall is where it’s at! I love the renewed schedule, attempted organization (emphasis “attempted”), fresh friendly faces reunited and all the learning! Yes the learning….and for me, MOM TIME! Back to School Mom Time is Non-Negotiable and I will tell you why!

Back to school time is bitter sweet but I will tell you when you hone into the “me time” it’s sweeter than ever! This year is my FIRST year with ALL of my kids in school! Besides my few shed tears (Ok, I am fibbing a bit, I only cried when I took a few of them too early and found out school did not start yet for my two youngest. YES, I am that mom.)

Back to school Mom time means I am THRILLED  and dancing down the aisles of Target. I am running around freely in my pasture with my four legged beasts taking pictures of them for the fun of it!

See exhibit A:

Such curious animals. . . Live life like someone left the gate open!?

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I have been wearing bright and fun shoes that hurt my feet BUT look amazing because they make me smile!

Oh, I must not forget dying my hair! I highly recommend living BOLDLY with self expression as bright as a rainbow on your HAIR! Yes, it’s liberating, fun and the perfect thing to do with your new found Mom time! What do you think?!

Last but definitely not least, I create pretty things in my free Mom time! Sip on something yummy and presented decadently like this Sparkling Ice. Toss a few fresh berries and squeeze in some lime over ice and you are set.I sip it slow, pretend like I’m a queen and when the clock strikes 30 minutes to kids pick up and hubby coming home I scurry around cleaning and throwing odds and ends into a crock pot to preserve the secret Back to School Mom Time that OF COURSE is Non-Negotiable!

The moral of the story is to do the fun things, the self-care things, the wild and wacky BOLD things and the REFRESHING things! When we honor MOM-time, we honor our families because we are refreshed and renewed to scoop them in our arms with abandon and smother them with kisses! Be BOLD, be YOU and believe NOTHING is impossible! Dovidenia. XO






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