The time has come once again…another year under our belt. Commonly we reflect on the “goods and bads” of the past year and how we might make “changes” (unrealistic often) to make the new year even “better”. “Better” can mean so many things to different people that usually requires DOING MORE to achieve that “better” stamp of approval on this new year. What if instead of setting goals to do more…make more money….lose more weight….work harder….buy that big purchase….we looked at DOING LESS this year? OK, I’m sounding lazy I know and you either want to join me because this is sounding good or you are an over achiever and I’m annoying you…hang on. Backing up let me explain myself. I am an overachieving-make life complicated-spread to thin-achievements are everything-annoyingly goal oriented-to busy to be organized-I’m gonna lose it-woman…..(breath) entering myself into recovery!!!  So I get it…you want to make that new years resolution!

Lets make resolutions that bring true joy, peace and fulfillment to our lives this year! Would you like to join me in the journey? A journey of learning contentment through being resourceful and creative, healthy through making true peace with our bodies and then nourishing it with wholesome hearty meals, and increasing the happiness factor by slowing down life and DOING LESS to gain more time for quality relationships and passions. This is simplicity at its best! Lets reflect on our year and see if we can cut off the excess of our lives to get back to a simpler way of life!


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