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Do you ever feel like all the “to-dos” and responsibilities of daily life just pile up and overflow? I definitely experience this on a regular basis and I am constantly trying to adjust my boundaries, commitments and delegations to create a lower stress lifestyle. Finding tools to de-stress is SO essential to self care and that’s why I am sharing my 5 best ways to de-stress!

There are so many moments in life where slowing down the pace of life is possible. Even a 5 minute break of unwinding from the day or even a moment can be so beneficial for your mind and health as a whole. I find as a mom if I give myself those moments of self care and pause I fell much better as well as patient.

Here are my 5 Best Ways to De-Stress and Unwind:

  1. Get moving. Even a 5 minute walk will help release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals your body releases with exercise that triggers a positive feeling in your body. I love taking walks in the mornings or evenings.
  2. Laugh more. In the evening I love watching something funny from sitcoms to stand up comedy or even reading a funny book. Laughter literally is good for your health! It reduces stress hormones and can lower blood pressure.
  3. Get creative. This can be so many things from building something outdoors, gardening, art and so much more. Often when we shift focus comes a quieting of our stress.
  4. Soothe yourself. Self care can be so many things. A warm bath, listening to your favorite song and journaling are just a few ideas.
  5. Play a game. Whether it is a board game or a fun app, games are a perfect way to unwind for a few moments alone or with family. Sometimes games are perfect for your kids to do to occupy them as you do some of the tips listed above as well.

Speaking of games we got to collaborate with MobilityWare and we had SO much fun as a family playing their solitaire game! It is simple & easy to play, great for killing time, a great brain game to stay sharp, relaxing to unwind to, nostalgic and so much more!

I encourage you to download the game and play it yourself! Click the link or search ‘pyramid’ on the App Store or Google Play to download MobilityWare

I hope you found my 5 best ways to de-stress helpful and serve as a good reminder to put balance and self care back at the forefront of your focus. Dovidenia. XO

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