Sometimes its the little things that make life so great. Better yet it’s those little things that can make you the best version of YOU! Just a few tips passed on to me by a wise soul. Enjoy!


1. Say “I love you” from the heart.
2. Study nature, its a gift waiting to happen.
3. Get some sunshine everyday.
4. Never settle.
5. Practice the art of listening.
6. Question everything.
7. Don’t buy until you have money in hand.
8. Always put your family first.
9. Dance like no one is watching.
10. Get angry with life when you feel the need, life can soak it up just fine.

11. Take responsibility for your life.
12. Trust your first instinct.
13. Know your values and live by them.
14. Give everyone one chance.
15. Take care of your health.
16. Learn to argue your point.
17. Believe in the power of serendipity.
18. Stay in touch with the people you love.
19. Count your blessings daily.
20. Love and accept yourself TODAY.


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