The first snow has fallen and our little world on Simple Acres farm is a beautiful winter wonderland. I find that snow brings a SLOW to life I truly enjoy. Although winter can be beautiful, do you ever get frustrated with the cold temperatures, snow and ice in the winter? I like to try to focus on the positive things each season brings so I thought by sharing our first snow day I could help YOU find 10 ways to enjoy winter more.

Imagine as winter comes you pull out your favorite board games, light your favorite candles, bake your favorite batch of delicious homemade brownies and get your beautiful stack of vintage plaid blankets arranged just right to encourage snuggling up.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons for its COZY, CALM and SLOWER PACE way of living. 

We had our first snow on Christmas Eve this year as we entered our church for a candle lit service. As I walked in and looked at the winter sky kissed with snow flakes as Christmas lights glowed in the distance, I felt such a peace that reminds my why I enjoy winter so much. As my oldest son continued to say as he saw the same winter view, “A winter wonderland mom!”.

Winter, besides being beautiful, is a wonderful time to spend quality time with family. With our first snow day it felt amazing to stop everything and be present in the moment with my kids. We took pictures together, made a snowman and the kids named it after our daughter we lost,we made snow angels and lastly we threw a good share of snow ball blows that brought on much laughter. We all came inside and enjoyed cookies and hot cocoa with a movie and relaxed. As we sat inside, I just looked at my children and took in the moment of being together as I know someday moments like this will be rare.

With such a nice day, I was inspired to share my list of ways to enjoy winter more.

10 Ways to Enjoy Winter More

  1. Play in the snow. There was something so relaxing about just letting go and “being a kid again”. Whether you play in the snow with your kids, ride four wheelers, ski or sled use snow as a reason to take a pause in your day and have fun!
  2. Plan movie nights with your favorite people. Hunkering down with people you enjoy company with makes for winter nights to look forward to. Funny movies are always great for keeping spirits light.

3. Enjoy dressing for the season. I just love layering and layering for winter! I love flannels and soft warm sweaters and cozy under layers that keep me warm. By the way, I HAVE TO mention Cuddle Duds brand (not only because they sponsored this post BUT because I genuinely LOVE their products) as a perfect affordable “go-to” for winter layering. You can find yours exclusively at Walmart near the underwear and pajama section! You can see more of my favorite products for layering from past years too with these simple style layering essentials!

4. Create a cozy atmosphere for “me-time”. I am obsessed with creating ambiance in the winter as I enjoy peace and solitude the most. New found introvert here, and I have found for me that time alone is essential for recharging! Find a list of good books, magazines, your favorite cozy drink and light a candle and enjoy!

5. Embrace cozy comfort food. This is the time of year all the layers play a benefit and give you room to enjoy savory home cooked foods. Why not try baking or cooking a new comfort food entree each week through winter and inviting friends or family over to enjoy it with you. My homemade brownies or sausage and kale soup are some of my favorite comfort foods.

6. Send mail. I personally am quite bad at this one but want to strive to do this simple and thoughtful act much more. I am inspired by some of my sweet friends that surprise me with packages and letter often and it always leaves me feeling SO LOVED. I have a simple up-cycled watercolor card and envelope DIY you should check out!

7. Create a new craft. I am bias as an artist and craft addict, but when stuck inside due to cold weather picking up a new skill such as watercolor painting or even making seasonal wreaths can be so much fun!

8. Organize a soup feed. What’s better than a warm bowl of soup on a winters day? Sharing it with friends, family or those in need is the answer! I love chicken tortilla soup and love making it for my family through the colder months.

9. Game night. You could have a family night board game challenge or plan a gathering with friends.

10. Visit friends. This is a perfect time to visit a friend, and elderly person or possibly someone who is sick and brighten their day. You could hand deliver one of your letters or bring them soup. I will guarantee they would be pleasantly surprised!

So there is my list of 10 ways to enjoy joy winter more. I hope you try a few new things and savor this time with the ones that matter to you the most. Oh and don’t forget to hook your self up with awesome layers from Walmart! Climate Right layers are so soft and comfy, I’m not going to lie, I wore them two days in a row and left the store for under $20 for a legging and top set.

Happy winter friends!


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